The beard in men, especially at the young  is one of the most important manifestations of beauty, and fashion has changed a lot in relation to the beard. In the past few years, fashion has begun to control the shape of the beard and requires a high density of hair in it . And this is what some people do not have and made them search for solutions to increase the density of the beard or to grow hair more to obtain a modern and attractive appearance, and there are many techniques used in this field, and the mustache also receives the attention of many men as it expresses appreciation and respect  The  men also expresses their masculinity, and from here the operations of mustache cultivation appeared in Turkey, which would get rid of the suffering of men in the non-growth of mustache hair.

Turkey has become one of the first destinations in the world for hair transplantation and plastic surgery in general, and it has become very simple to do everything related to beard and mustache hair transplantation and intensification . Hair transplantation in Turkey depends mainly on modern techniques and expert hands. Therefore, hair transplantation in Turkey continues to receive a large number of clients from all over, as the hair transplantation process achieves the required benefit from hiding the signs of emptiness in the beard and mustache hair.


– Causes of hair falling.

– Overview of plastic surgery.

– Factors determining the cost.

 Beard and mustache transplant.

– before the operation .

– Prepare for the operation.

– Those eligible to go through this process.

– Results .


– Post-operation advices.


– Advantages.

 -Reasons for resorting to these operations.

What is the cause of the hair loss of the beard or mustache  ?

 The density, texture and quality of the beard hair is subject to gene control, and it is also affected by irregular hormones. Beard and mustache hair loss may occur due to immune diseases, or caused by some skin or other hereditary diseases . Before start talking about this transplant process , we will first talk about the true meaning of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is simply the type of process that patients require to obtain a more beautiful and attractive appearance, as patients usually suffer from dissatisfaction with their appearance, whether they are men or women.

The reasons of dissatisfaction may be largely personal like some of them saying (I don’t like the way I look), social reasons (I think people don’t like my appearance), or those related to a person’s work or profession (I want to look younger to my clients or  Republicans).

In order to overcome this state of discomfort with the “present appearance”, the patient must coordinate with his physiotherapist before starting any process, in order to obtain the optimal result and to ensure that no operation is carried out without real meaning and to obtain a result that helps the person reach the appearance he wants.

Factors that determine the cost of growing a beard and mustache in Turkey

 The cost of transplanting beard and mustache hair changes from one center to another in Turkey, and is determined by many factors that may vary from patient to patient . The person who performs the process of intensifying the hair of the beard will differ in the cost of his operation from another person whose beard does not grow at all. The same applies to the techniques used that play an important role up to (50 percent) of the cost.And we can say that the most affecting the cost of the beard transplant is the most appropriate choice for the doctor who will perform the operation and the center for hair transplantation. The doctor’s experience gives the best way to deal with the skin of very sensitive facial skin .

And also , the most appropriate choice for the technique that should be used in the transplant process and also, drawing the best shape to the beard according to the patient’s face, and do not forget to do the process of opening the required channels in proportion  direction of hair growth  after a complete recovery, as the hair of the beard usually grows down with a little bit of inclination according to  The shape of the face on both sides, and any defect in the direction of the ducts, causes the follicles to grow inappropriately, and this plan cannot be reversed or corrected at all.

What is beard transplant ?

 Beard and mustache transplant is primarily a plastic surgery, and hair transplant techniques are used as head hair transplant (with some differences that we will explain later), and as in all plastic surgery operations, the appropriate form can be determined from the beginning Between the doctor and the patient.

And by starting with the details of the operation, the patient is anesthetized with a local anesthetic that prevents the patient from feeling any pain during the operation, and then the doctor begins choosing the best and most appropriate follicles in proportion to the shape of each patient’s face and beard,Then the doctor transfers these follicles to the targeted areas with transplant operations so that the number of follicles is proportional between the donor and target areas, and the process takes between three and five hours depending on the patient’s condition, and after the operation is finished the patient leaves the hospital and has the result he wants .

Before starting any step of the beard and mustache transplant process , the specialist doctor will ask you for a set of checks and analyzes so that he can find out all the reasons that led to the loss of your beard and mustache hair, In addition to making sure you enjoy good health, it makes the beard and mustache transplant process for you not a risk at all, and if the doctor finds any health reasons preventing him from performing the operation, the specialist doctor will discuss the matter with you.And make sure to give you good treatment until it becomes appropriate to perform the operation, in addition to identifying the appropriate technique with identifying the appropriate anesthetic for your face.

Does the patient feel any pain during the implant:

 Certainly not, before starting the operation, the area is anesthetized locally and then the patient does not feel anything. For example, tattoo operations cause much more pain.

Are there preparations arranged before starting the process?

 Indeed,before starting the process , the patient must completely shave the beard’s hair, so that the doctor can draw the lines and dimensions of the beard, and then begin the local anesthesia process that precedes the actual start of the follicle extraction process.

The process of extracting follicles: In order to grow the areas that suffer from baldness in the beard and your mustache , specialist doctor  needs a group of hair follicles to be grown in the areas affected by baldness, and these are taken from any area in the body.It is known as the donor region, because it gives the specialist doctor the follicles that he implants in the affected area of ​​baldness, and the donor area is mostly in the back of the head,Or in the area under the chin, the important thing is that the doctor before taking these follicles will be absolutely sure that they are homogeneous with your beard hair, so that it can easily grow later.

The process of storing follicles: This is done to prevent any damage to the extracted follicles, which is done through their interaction with the surrounding air,Our physicians at the Wiener Center place the follicles into a special solution called “HypoThermosol” and the follicle conservation process continues until the picking process is complete and then the transplantation begins in the targeted areas.

The process of opening canals: Before starting the transplant process, it is necessary to use a special metal pen to open the channels in the targeted areas, and this is done in both the mustache or the beard, and here lies the true skill of the doctor , Where, through his long experience, he can show the beard and mustache very naturally as if the patient did not perform any transplant, here it must be noted that our center has performed thousands of previous operations with impressive results, you can contact with the Wiener Hospital to verify previous results and request the special operation .

The process of planting follicles: It is the last side of the process of growing the beard and mustache. After the doctor completes the process of opening the channels of the target area with the required form, he implanted the follicles in it. With this step, all the steps of the process are completed and the patient can then go out and go to his home.

Who is eligible for a beard or mustache transplant?

  – It starts from the age of (20 or 22) because in this age hormones have reached the stable level,This process is preferred for men who want to grow sideburns, but their beard hair is irregular or imperfect and light, so that the skin voids between the beard and mustache are clearly visible.

 – For all healthy men who do not have a beard or who have spots in separate areas of the beard, and one of the most common corrections transplant is to areas with wounds.

 Beard and mustache transplantation can be done to anyone with hair on the scalp.

Beard or mustache hair transplant results:

 The results of the beard transplant are permanent and of natural appearance, as you begin to notice the difference immediately after the operation, but the completion of the final results is usually after several months of surgery .You may fear  permanent damage or scarring that may appear in the transplanted areas .But you can avoid that by choosing a doctor who specializes in this field and who has high scientific and practical experience  in performing this type of operation, the hair transplanted in the beard will start appearing and will continue to grow as the rest of the beard, sides and mustache.

Among the most important points that must be discussed with the specialists before performing the beard and mustache transplant process are the details after the operation and the identification of the expected side effects after the operation and the stages that precede it, due to the importance of the psychological aspect and its significant impact on the results of the operation.

Perhaps what distinguishes the Wiener Hospital in Istanbul is the extent of the medical staff’s interest in monitoring all the details and symptoms experienced by patients after finishing  the operation, due to the importance and sensitivity of this stage, any unexpected symptoms  can be avoided very easily, and the operation will fail completely if they can’t solve these problems , so be careful before choosing a medical center that will perform this operation for you.

Complications of beard or mustache transplant:

 There may be complications resulting from  transplanting of the beard, and it may appear like swelling of the face , redness in the skin and in some cases a slight sensitivity or pain in the donor and transplanted area , that is why you must abide compeletly by all special instructions that the doctor will provide you with carefully after completing the beard transplant.

 In some cases, there may be a difference in color between the hair color of the head and the beard, due to the usual different  nature of the hair of the beard,  from the nature of the hair of the head , but with time and the constant growth of new hair and beard shaving, the hairs will fit together better and give the best shape to the new beard.

Advices for post-beard or mustache hair transplant:

  The first and most important advice if you want to do a successful chin or mustache transplant, choose a hair transplant center or clinic or even a hospital with great care, as the chin and mustache transplant is one of the highly sensitive plastic surgery operations .And that needs the competence, skill and high experience of the doctor and the staff present with him . Don’t forget that any mistake can happen may distort the general appearance of your face  and makes you unable to communicate with those around you .

Here are some guidelines that we recommend you to follow after the operation, because we at Wiener Hospital want you  not be exposed to any side effects:

– On the first night after the procedure, you should sleep on your back and keep your head above your body at an angle of forty-five degrees.

– We advise against direct exposure to sunlight.

-Refrain completely from smoking cigarettes and shisha after completing the process for at least forty-five days.

 – Follow your doctor’s prescriptions very carefully.

– Refraining from high effort and practicing violent sports except by consulting your doctor, as this affects the food that reaches and feeds the follicles, delaying their stability and growth.

– Refrain from swimming for at least thirty days from the date of the operation.

 – Never touch implanted areas and protect from impacts.

– Not allowing the face to curve downward in the first days of operation .

– When noticing any unexpected side effects, you should contact your doctor directly and do not delay it.

–  Do not take any vitamins or medications without informing your doctor .

Beard and mustache growing techniques in Turkey:

 Turkish therapeutic centers use very modern and advanced techniques in the field of hair transplantation, especially beard or mustache hair transplantation, to ensure the success of this type of operation, and from these technologies there are:

Beard transplant in Turkey Nano-Fue technique: Depends on the use of tiny diameters (nano heads) to extract hairs from the donor area , and taking a large number of follicles while avoiding any waste and to obtain guaranteed results, and it takes between (6 hours to 9 hours) approximately, and is characterized by its super ability to determine the direction of growth of the follicle, which helps to obtain the natural appearance of hair.

Beard transplant in Turkey with Perkutan technology: it opens the hair channels in the bald area, and implanted the follicles after being treated with a developed cylindrical needle made of titanium, and the advantages of this technique, it does not cause allergies or irritation to the cultivated area,

And from its advantages as well, it does not leave any trace on it , and does not cause any scars to the donor area, and it is able to obtain a greater density, as it is possible to grow (45 – 50) bulbs per centimeter per square meter, but this process takes more effort from the patient than the rest of the types of operations of chin and mustache, as the doctor’s high experience plays a pivotal role in its results, due to the possibility of an increase in the number of holes.

Beard transplantation in Turkey  with (DHI) technique or Choi pens technique: Transplantation takes place in two phases, which are harvesting and transplantation directly without incision of the skin. This technique is able to transfer and transplant about (6000) hairs per session,It is also characterized by reducing damage to follicles and hair due to its ability to extract the bulb individually, and does not result any wounds or scars.

In addition, the hair follicle growth rate reaches (90%) and achieves better control over the depth of the stitching process in the beard or mustache, thereby ensuring that the follicles are fixed to the same depth as the original follicles.

And this technique is one of the main reasons of the increased demand for a beard or mustache transplant procedure in particular and all facial areas in general in Turkey.

Benefits of growing beard and mustache in Turkey:

  the cost of growing  beard in Turkey is among the lowest in the world, and the level of competence and experience of  the centers and doctors in Turkey cannot be compared to any other country in the Middle East, As it is considered the best in this field in the region in general, and the secret behind this superiority is due to the fierce competition witnessed in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey in general, where we find the number of hair transplant centers and clinics and hospitals in Istanbul only makes it the first in the world.

To be unique as the capital of hair transplantation around the world as a whole, which made Turkish specialists always strive to bring the latest used technology and equipment  and work to develop it , and give a lot of specialized training courses for teams and medical staff , as well as the number of operations that are performed gives surgeons a very great practical experience and skill.

Reasons for using beard or mustache in Turkey:

 -The presence of empty spaces.

– Having some kind of alopecia or immune disease.

– Genetic factor that results beard hair loss .

– Infection with some skin or fungal diseases.

 -There are empty areas of hair in the beard as a result of accidents or facial surgeries.

– Exposure to chemotherapy or radiation.

It is important to mention that Turkey has many private hospitals and government hospitals in addition to centers and clinics, and it is equipped with the best and the latest means, devices and modern technologies that contribute to treatment and plastic surgery operations such as the process of transplant beard in Turkey,

It also provides complete care for all citizens in order to preserve their dear health, and that appears by providing distinguished services, ideal price and high quality so it has great fame among the countries of the Middle East and the whole world in cosmetic and health operations.

We also have at Weiner Hospital in Istanbul the hair transplantation service for men, hair transplantation in Turkey for women, beard and mustache hair transplantation, and you can also learn about the full hair transplantation techniques in Turkey.

And to book your own appointment to conduct the operation and speak with doctors and learn about the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey, you can communicate via the numbers on the page or communicate via WhatsApp with our team, where our Wiener Astatik center is one of the best hair transplant hospitals in Istanbul and one of the best hair transplant centers in Turkey  .