The process of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is the final and appropriate solution to get rid of eyebrow defects and to get a beautiful and attractive look.

 The process of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for curative treatment. There are many cases who lose the full natural appearance of their eyebrows.

 In this article, we will talk about the process of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey, and we will mention its mechanism, benefits and disadvantages.

What are the cases that need eyebrow transplantation:

 The only person who can determine whether the patient can perform the operation is the specialist doctor, but there are some cases in which a woman must resort to this procedure in order to obtain dense eyebrows such as:

– In the event that there is a skin disease that causes hair loss and in this case the patient loses the eyebrows hair and becomes in need of an operation, such as alopecia areata and thyroid disorders, but first it is necessary to undergo appropriate treatment first for the disease that caused hair loss and then implant  Hair .

– Hair loss caused by burns and medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy which lead to eyebrow hair loss.

 – In the event that the person suffers from (psychological hair extraction), which is a psychological condition in which the person pulls hair involuntarily.

 Genetic disease.

– lack of adequate iron, which is used by cells to transfer oxygen to hair follicles, as well as a lack of vitamin (B6), which is necessary for healthy hair.

 – Aging .

 – It is possible to resort to this process (implantation of eyebrows), in case of congenital non _growth.

– A common cause of eyebrow hair loss is excessive extraction. Also, drawing eyebrows with a pen and not removing traces of coloring.

Eyebrow hair transplant process:

 It is the process of transplanting new follicles into the eyebrows, instead of the follicles that have been lost. It requires great accuracy and high concentration, and selecting the appropriate doctor and hospital.

The hair of transplantation is taken from the area of ​​the back section of the head, where it is considered the most dense section of hair in the head, after which the doctor transfers the hair that he wants to grow to the eyebrows and is transplanted in a manner that corresponds to the features of the face, and after a short period of time the hair returns to grow .

Tests before eyebrows transplantation:

  1- Make sure that there is no skin disease that causes hair loss, such as psoriasis or alopecia, because if a person still suffers from this disease, the disease will affect the outcome of the operation and therefore treatment must be submitted first.

 2- Measuring blood pressure.

 3- Take an ECG test.

 4- Measuring blood sugar level.

 5- Confirm the hemoglobin level by performing complete blood tests.

 6- It is also necessary to check the fluidity of the blood.

Instructions before performing eyebrow transplant in Turkey:

 Stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least two weeks ago, because smoking impedes blood flow in the arteries and veins.

 Refrain from taking medicines containing aspirin or ibuprofen.

 Inform the doctor of all medications that are taken and also inform him of all the problems that the patient suffers from, such as asthma or high blood pressure.

Eyebrow transplant techniques in Turkey:

 Slide hair transplant technique FUT: Slide hair transplant technology depends on the slice of the scalp that is cut , divided and used its parts to cover the bald areas, and then the scalp is sewn to avoid leaving any voids The features of this method are that the hair is harvested entirely from  Inside the safe area .

The hair or strip tape is further divided into individual porous units under a high-energy microscope that will be used in the cultivation process.

 And the rate of damage to the hair follicles during extraction from the extracted slide is very low, because only a thin strip is harvested , the hair can be left long enough to cover the pole and the wound before extracting the bulbs and planting them in the receiving area, and then within days the person is  can of go out.

Disadvantages of FUT   technique: The technique requires multiple electrodes to close the wound and must remain for a period of time (seven to ten) days before removing it.

 When performing this procedure with specialists with experience in hair transplantation, most of these scars will be (light, small) and will heal in a thin line, which is hidden by long hair that hides the shape of the scar after the operation and in the future as well, this method can cause infections  In the skin of the eyebrows,  if the scalp has any diseases cause infection.

Extracting hair transplant technique FUE. : In the FUE technique, the bristles of the posterior area from the bottom of the head are used as a donor area in the eyebrow transplant process as these bristles are characterized by being thin and do not length quickly as the rest of the head hair, which makes them best suited to growing eyebrow hair, each incision will leave a small open hole where the units were extracted and creates a small round scar, the advantage of this method is that once the round scars heal and the hair grows, the small round scars are easily hidden in the hair whether it is small or long hair  .

What are the disadvantages of the hair transplant technique : It requires a large area from the back of the scalp in order to harvest many follicles, which may mean that it may go beyond harvesting hair from outside the safe area.

  So maybe these hairs that are taken may be vulnerable to damage , the harvesting process of hair transplantation takes longer because it occurs with a small extraction tool. In most cases, hair transplantation with the extracting technique will be more expensive than the transplantation of the hair by slice because it requires greater precision.

Artificial eyebrow transplant technique in Turkey: Suitable for those with no hair growth throughout the body.

  The hairs that are made of synthetic fibers are transplanted and do not interact with the body’s immune system. The doctor implants them one by one and the results are immediate. The hair is fixed by a small knot in each hair.

Steps in the eyebrow transplant process in Turkey:

 The process of eyebrow hair transplantation from simple and accurate operations also takes from two to four hours, in the beginning the area to be extracted from the follicles is washed off and it is locally anesthetized for lack of pain during the operation and left for (10 minutes) until the drug gives its effect, the doctor  Then by defining the new shape of the eyebrows so that they give aesthetic and are consistent with the features of the face and this is of course by the consultation between the doctor and the patient,

This is done in all cosmetic cases, whether for condensation or eyebrow transplantation, then the area to be extracted from the follicles is examined and enlarged by the French needle and the area is placed under the exact magnification of the microscope, then the doctor determines the follicles that are extracted from them and the doctor extracts part of the follicle  not all of them individually and then devoted to extract the next, and thus take into account during the harvest process that the cut follicles are closer to the hair of the eyebrows,Then a liquid is prepared to save the extracted follicles for as long as possible after which the doctor enlarges the fine, partially extracted hair under a microscope in the place and angle in which it will grow and the French needle is used which is accurate to fix the partially extracted hair.

   The time of the operation depends on the number of hair removed and transplanted, and ranges (from two to five hours), and this is according to the amount of hair transplanted.

 You will see the results of eyebrow hair transplant from the first week.

The advantages of eyebrow hair transplant in Turkey:

 1- A safe operation that does not have any serious side effects, especially when performed by a skilled doctor.

 2- It is possible to return to normal activities where a person does not need a long recovery period after that, and work after three days or even a week after the operation.

 3- Imagine the appropriate shape for the eyebrows, in addition to determining the desired density .

Can eyebrow transplantation affect the density of head hair?

 In eyebrow transplantation in Turkey, the follicles that are transplanted are taken from the hair of the head, and this may cause anxiety for some people

They fear that this will affect the density of the hair of the head, as the density of each eyebrow differs from one person to another, so each person needs a number of follicles that differ from the need of others to intensify the eyebrows.In general , almost every eyebrow needs from 50 to 400 follicles to grow it completely, and each follicle contains either one or two hairs and this number of follicles is very small compared to the number of follicles that are used in the Transplantation of head hair , so  it is not very worrying .

Eyebrow hair transplant in Turkey:

 More recently, the country of Turkey has had the greatest influence on everything related to the field of eyebrow transplantation and the hair transplant process in general, in a more accurate sense, that country has become the first destination for everyone who is thinking of doing a process of this type.

In Turkish hospitals there are the latest technologies necessary to obtain the best result and the doctors have the necessary experience, to carry out operations with such accuracy. Hospitals give the patient the best and most beautiful option to give him a satisfactory result with follow-up of the patient after

 completion of the  operation.

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