Kuwait  has emerged strongly  and has proven its presence in the recent period in plastic surgery and hair transplant operations, and has the best medical staff with experience with the finest modern technologies, Kuwait  competed the Gulf countries  in this field in order to obtain impressive results and  Customer satisfaction, as hair is one of the most prominent symbols of beauty, whether for women or men, and hair is considered one of the most important ingredients of beauty.

But with this impressive development in hair transplantation in Kuwait, it still has some of the defects and negatives compared to hair transplantation in Turkey and experiences of hair transplantation in Turkey and some of the most important disadvantages of hair transplantation in Kuwait are

 it is expensive ,  the costs of accommodation  is very prohibitiveand and the lack of specialized medical centers   and clinics , so this makes patient choices limited ,

On the other hand , the Turkish state, which has become known to be the best country for medical tourism, and has the best experiences for hair transplantation with low prices that are less than the global average cost , has become a competitor to the countries of the whole world  not only at the level of the Gulf states, one of its distinguishes too , is the low costs of accommodation with cruises during treatment.

We will give you some inquiries and instructions for the hair transplant process in Turkey:

What are the causes of hair loss?

  1. Some of the medicines  include (cancer) drugs.

  2. Genetic factor, that is (baldness).

  3. Thyroid diseases.

  4. Unsuitable hairstyle.

  5.  Using of poor oils and preparations.

6. Hair dryer.

 7. Aging.

 8. Lack of necessary vitamins

What are the latest hair transplant techniques in Turkey?

  FUE technique for hair transplant , Artas (robot) hair transplantation, Choi pens (DHI) hair transplantation , artificial hair transplantation, sapphaire hair transplant, in addition to (prp).

• Are there any analyzes the patient’s doctor may request when transplanting hair in Turkey?

 Yes, comprehensive blood tests in addition to liver function, knowing the blood sugar level and others tests depending on the patient’s health condition.

Are there steps before a hair transplant operation in Turkey should be implemented?

 First: stop smoking at least two weeks before the operation.

 Second: Drink more fluids and water.

 Third: Refrain from drugs that cause blood thinning , such as aspirin.

Who can perform hair transplant in Turkey or hair transplant in Kuwait?

 1. Anyone who suffers from baldness can perform hair transplantation.

 2. The owners of thin hair, and here we sing women.

 3. Everyone who has lost his hair due to burns can perform a hair transplant.

 4. Whoever lost his hair in a scalp injury.

 5. Hair loss due to chemotherapy.

What is the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

 When the patient calls  the Wiener Medical Center in Turkey and after correspondence and consultation , it will become clear with him that he coordinated with the best hair transplant center in Turkey , even if he lives in another country  that by sending pictures through WhatsApp.

  Wiener Medical Center will provide the best tourism trips in  Turkey during treatment , and all of this is still at a lower cost than the State of Kuwait.

Does  hair transplant process in Turkey take a long time?

 Hair transplant process in Turkey can take two hours or more and can reach to seven  hours depending on the patient’s condition and the number of implants, and it may require more than one session.

How long do the results of hair transplant last in Turkey?

 The hair follicles that have been transplanted are actually resistant to the genetic condition of baldness so the results will last permanently.

 • Does the hair transplant process in Turkey lead to cancer?

 No, it will not lead to cancer, nor even to an increased incidence of cancer.

Is hair transplant in Turkey suitable for alopecia patients?

 In fact, people with alopecia areata are not always candidates for permanent hair transplantation , depending on the case as the diseases infect the immune system, but this procedure is done in consultation with the specialist doctor.

Can a person shave their hair after a hair transplant in Turkey?

 Yes, he can shave his hair, but after a period of time of two weeks until the hair follicles are in healing.

 Is it possible to apply hair dyes after hair transplant in Turkey?

 Yes, this is possible in addition to hairdressing, but within the advices of doctors, and even to ensure recovery, after a period of time not less than three weeks.

Is it possible to smoke after hair transplant in Turkey?

 Yes, of course, but it is recommended to wait until after the transplant process about fifteen days.

 Under what anesthesia is hair transplant performed in Turkey?

 It is performed using local anesthesia.

What is the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

 In the event that the appropriate environment is available with advanced modern technologies in addition to the distinguished medical staff with highly qualified specialist doctors such as in Winner Medical Center, the client will have reached the best and most distinctive hair transplant center in Turkey and Istanbul.

• What is the success rate of hair transplant in Turkey compared to Kuwait?

 The success rate of hair transplant in Turkey is 95%, and it is considered a very high and excellent rate with the factors of providing cheap accommodation with medical tourism during the treatment period compared to the prices of the State of Kuwait and exorbitant residence.

 When will the results of hair transplantation in Turkey begin to appear on the patient?

 After two months of hair transplantation, hair regrowth will start, and after four to six months the final result will appear .

• Prices of hair transplantation in Turkey compared to the price list in the State of Kuwait?

 Hair transplantation in Turkey varies  according to modern technologies and the type of hair transplant process, but it may cost between (2300 – 1200) USD, as Turkey is considered not only compared to the State of Kuwait, but globally less than the average global cost price in the countries of the whole world . we advise our all the people in the State of Kuwait to communicate with our hospital in the city of Istanbul, “Wiener”, which specializes in hair transplantation and is known in Turkey as the best hair transplant center in Turkey and ask for free advice from its experts and benefit from offers of hair transplantation.