In our current times, plastic surgery and caring for appearance has become one of the essentials of every home in the world, and one of the most important and most desirable matters in caring for the personal beauty of the human body is hair care , as the hair transplantation process increased and diversified . Hair transplantation experiences in Turkey became more famous than the rest of the world, But some Gulf countries topped the field of hair transplantation and gave wide attention to the world of cosmetology, especially hair transplantation, so that Oman cared about this field, and although  Oman recently joined the world of cosmetology and hair transplantation, but it achieved great success .

Today in Oman, hair transplantation is considered one of the most successful operations, but  although it has achieved in the field of hair transplantation there are some disadvantages in terms of high prices compared to hair transplantation in Turkey except of the lack of centers and clinics, and this limits   Patient options , this is in addition to bringing the expert with experience from abroad, which costs a large cost .

Hair transplantation in Oman  may be appropriate in some cases with the local population, but foreigners may prefer to spend their money in better hair transplantation centers with lower costs and this is what drives everyone to go to Turkey where there are the best centers for hair transplantation and there are wider options and cheaper residency and Tourism is available during treatment.

And we explain hair transplantation in the following:

 • What is the rate of hair loss for people who do not need hair transplantation in Oman or elsewhere?

 It is known to all and may be seen with the naked eye that hair falls when (itching, showering, doing a new hairdo, using cosmetic materials for hair) . The hair loss ranges between (150 – 50) hairs, but the hair that has been lost returns to grow again except in cases where hair follicles are weak.

• What leads to more hair loss than usual, which leads people to do hair transplant in Oman or even think about conducting hair transplant in Turkey?

 What causes hair loss:

 1. Genetic cases acquired by the father or mother.

 2. In the event of a head injury, a person may lose his hair.

 3. The psychological factor.

 4. Medical or pathological disorders.

 5. Aging .

• Is hair transplant experiments in Oman an effective and permanent treatment?

  Yes, indeed , the experiences of hair transplantation in Oman have reached a result that has become permanent and effective, but only if it is carried out by the person with specialization and experience in the field of hair transplant operations, but the weakness of the staff in Oman compared to the countries specialized in the field of hair transplantation made the cost of the hair transplant process in Oman very expensive compared to the cost of the hair transplant process in Turkey, where it has modern technologies, excellent medical staff and expert  doctors like doctors of the Wiener Medical Center.

What is the hair transplant process?

 Obtaining new and healthy hair for those who suffer from alopecia or hair loss in a safe and natural way, so the hair is transplanted to the patient from his own body and from areas not affected by hair loss factors.

• Who are the candidates for hair transplant in Amman, or even Turkey?

 1. Women who lose their hair very much.

 2. In the event of scarring.

 3. People whose hair has been lost due to medication.

 4. Cases of baldness.

 5. People who have thin hair.

 6. People who want more beautiful and attractive hairdos.

 7. When a scalp injury occurs.

 8. Hair loss due to burns.

• What should the patient do in order to book an appointment for hair transplantation in Turkey?

 Instead of the high cost of conducting a hair transplant in Oman, those who wish to conduct a hair transplant can travel to Turkey, conduct the operation in the best medical centers and conduct tourism at the same time. the patient can, through sending pictures, consult via the Internet with our specialized team in the Wiener Hospital, and our medical staff coordinate with the patient and inform him of the steps to be followed and all services are provided from accommodation and transportation in addition to securing tourist trips during the treatment period and all this is done at Winner Medical Center.

• How is the hair transplant process done in Turkey?

 Specialists perform this procedure under local anesthesia, taking into account the verification of any allergic condition that the patient may experience.

• Does a person’s hair appear natural after performing hair transplantation in Amman or Turkey?

 In fact, yes, it seems normal, but on condition that the medical center that the patient chooses must have modern technologies and a distinguished medical staff with experienced and skilled specialists, and as we mentioned previously, hair transplantation is from the same person so it is considered normal.

What are the steps to be taken before the hair transplant operation in Amman?

 Steps of hair transplant process is same in Oman and Turkey , but they differ from one person to another, according to his health condition and the medications he takes, but in all cases he must stop smoking at least two weeks before the operation and refrain from  All medications that cause blood thinning in the body, in addition to drinking lots of water and fluids, and other things determined by the specialist doctor with the patient after the consultation.

• How long does the patient notice the results of the hair transplant operation in Oman?

  After four to six months the growth rate increases and the final results appear after a year .

• When can a patient return to his exercise training after a hair transplant operation in Amman or in Turkey?

 Mostly, you should stay away from everything that causes excessive sweating, such as exercise, as it should be avoided for a period ranging between 15 days and a month approximately, according to the instructions of the specialist doctor.

How long does the hair transplant process take in Amman?

 It takes two hours or more and it can reach seven hours, this is depending on the situation of each person as there may be people need more than one session depending on the number of implants required.

• When can a patient return to work after a hair transplant operation in Amman?

 In fact, the period of recovery and rest varies from one patient to another, but the person can continue his work in the event that he is not exhausted and does not cause sweating after five days, but in the event that you want to perform a hair transplant in Turkey instead of conducting a hair transplant in Amman,  Wiener Hospital can submitt the necessary official papers to the patient to obtain a break that accompanies the duration of the operation and the period necessary for rest after conducting the hair transplant in Turkey.

Does hair transplant in Oman cause cancer?

 Hair transplantation in Oman, Turkey, or anywhere else will not cause cancer or even an increase in the rate of this disease, as it is a safe and secure procedure, but in the event of medical errors caused by little experience, it is possible to have other health problems that are not related to cancer.

Is it possible to dye hair after a hair transplant in Oman?

 It is possible to apply hair dyes and start making distinct hairstyles, but after a month has passed to make sure that the places of transplantation have healed, and this after consulting the specialist doctor.

What is the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

 In the event that the appropriate environment is available with advanced modern technologies in addition to the distinguished medical staff with highly qualified specialist doctors such as in Winner Medical Center, the client will have reached the best and most distinctive hair transplant center in Turkey and Istanbul.

• The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey compared to the cost of hair transplantation in Oman?

 Hair transplantation in Turkey varies according to the technology and type of hair transplant process, but the cost ranges between (2300 – 1200) $ dollars , as Turkey is not only compared to the State of Oman but globally less than the average global cost price in the countries of the whole world,  While in Oman ranges between (6000 – 2000) $ dollars.