The increasing development and technology that we are going through in every day of our lives has led to paving various ways and fields to the development of great techniques in the field of hair transplantation as well as techniques for hair loss treatments.

The process of hair transplantation is not limited to only people who suffer from weak hair falling out or even baldness, where many people resorted to hair transplantation in order to obtain a beautiful attractive hairdo, especially after the hair transplantation has become a broad progression and accompanied by  Easy and guaranteed operations , In this article, we will learn more about the hair transplant process, and we will compare its performance in Qatar and Turkey, and we will ask some important questions that may arise from the ideas of those who wish to take this step and other topics.

The majority of the countries of the Arab world today have persevered greatly and made an effective effort in the field of aesthetic medicine as they have emerged from these countries (the State of Qatar), which are considered major competitors in the field of medical services and aesthetic medicine and have shown great interest in this field to the extent that they reach competition from European countries  And the hair , transplant process in the State of Qatar for those who wishing to make this step is a good procedure and a successful step, but there is always a word (but) that exists , there are some comparisons to others and inquiries, so we will provide an introductory overview first .

We will talk a little bit about hair loss and the hair transplant process, and we return to a comparison of costs between Qatar and the rest of the country, especially Turkey, which is one of its best centers Weiner Medical Center.

The rate of hair loss in a natural person?

    The average of what everyone loses hair a day ranges between (50 and 150), and the hair usually grows again, but if the hair follicles are weak, this growth does not happen again . Also, most people, especially men, suffer from gradual hair loss in their lives as a result of natural aging and changes in the male androgen hormone.

What is hair transplant?

 It is the most natural way and its result is permanent as it makes people who suffer from hair loss receive new healthy hair. The healthy hair of the patient is transplanted from his own body into the areas of hair loss, so the area where the hair is pulled is a place where there is no hair loss .The implant can be successfully performed not only on the scalp, but also on the eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

Who are the candidates for hair transplant?

 1- Men who have baldness.

 2- Women with thin hair.

 3- People who lost many hairs due to burns or injury to the scalp.

 4- People who have hair loss due to medications, such as chemotherapy.

What do doctors do during hair transplant to you ?

  Usually , hair transplantation takes between 4 and 8 hours  but , If the patient has major baldness, he may need more than one session.

– The process begins with the doctor’s removal of healthy hair from the scalp, to give the patient natural results. The doctor may remove healthy hair either by  FUT method which involves cutting a slice of skin with healthy hair from the scalp or by  FUE which involves collecting individual hair .

– The hair that has been removed need to be pre-prepare by technicians before the surgeon can implant it . and the surgeon must prepare the scalp for transplantation .

– Once all hair has been implanted, the head and scalp will be bandaged and the patient will be given home care instructions.

Some types and features of hair transplantation

The FUT method

transplantation involves taking a slice of skin with hair follicles from the scalp  , the donor site is typically the back of the head because the hair in this site is naturally fuller and less prone to balding .

1- The time period in conducting this technique is quick compared to others.

 2. Cost at least.

 3- It affects only the donor region, not the whole head.

The FUE technique involves  removing individual hair follicles directly from the scalp

1- Does not cause effects.

 2 – Quick recovery.

 3 – Get a more attractive look.

 4 – The results are long-termor permanent .

 5 – It does not need a long  period to recover .

DHI Hair Transplantation involves using the Choi Pen which provides a wide channel of hair follicles .

 1- Haircuts are not necessary in the place to be transplanted, this is what makes them suitable for women.

 2- Its duration is short.

 3- It does not cause bleeding .

 4- It does not depend on surgery, so there is no electrode in it.

 5- Speed ​​in recovery.

 6- Opening pores and planting at the same time, and reducing the time.

 7- Do not leave scars or bumps.

 8- Drawing the front line very accurately.

Hair transplantation in Qatar:

 It is known today that the State of Qatar is progressing broadly and rapidly in all areas of service and medical and shows successes in development and technology, and it is also known with all these developments that this is also associated with the rise in the standard of living, as conducting hair transplantation in the State of Qatar  It will be very expensive despite its success and development, which Qatar has reached compared to other countries.

Hair transplant costs in Qatar

 As we previously mentioned to you , the cost is very high and this is in comparison with many Arab countries, where the cost of hair transplant with the most famous technology (FUE) ranges between (9500 – 4500) dollars , knowing that in Turkey is much more low than this high cost . Also , the total cost varies depending on the center or doctor who will conduct the operation, as it varies with the size of the affected area and the number of follicles or grafts to be cultivated, so it is best to contact the center and specialists before going to learn about the cost of the process and the procedures followed and how to follow the patient’s condition before  After the operation, all of this is available at the Winner Medical Center in Turkey, which is one of the best Turkish medical centers in Istanbul.

The cost is the only disadvantage of conducting hair transplantation in Qatar, as it costs the patient twice as much as it might cost in the state of Turkey as it is the process that its performance in the State of Qatar is better than the rest of the Arab countries, but also does not excel the hair transplantation in Turkey.

The success rate of hair transplants in Turkey compared to the State of Qatar?

 When the appropriate conditions are available, such as that provided by the Wiener Medical Center, the success rate in hair transplant surgeries is somewhat high  95% .

 the high rate of hair transplantation in Qatar has reached and recorded, although it was better than the rest of the Arab countries . However, it did not reach the success rate reached by Turkey, especially in the Wiener Medical Center.

Accommodation and transportation in both Turkey and Qatar

 In both countries the best amenities in terms of transportation and hotel accommodation at all levels are available , but today Turkey has become famous and distinguished for medical tourism .

 The Winner Medical Center also provides tourist trips in the charming regions of Turkey during the treatment period, as it is characterized by the presence of translators among the services provided unlike the State of Qatar, translation is paid.

Can hair transplant in Turkey give a natural look to the patient?

 Yes, when it is performed by experienced surgeons who have the right skills and use the right techniques, hair transplantation in Turkey can have very natural results, without anyone noticing a hair restoration procedure.

What should be done to perform hair transplantation at Winner Medical Center?

 Initially, you can write to us at the center and set an appointment for consultation, or if you live in another city or country, you can send a picture of the consultation online, after consulting online, our patient coordinators will contact you and inform you of the steps, so that we can at the Wiener Center  Providing accommodation and transportation for the foreign patients coming to us with securing tourist trips for them during the treatment period.

When does the patient see the results of the hair transplant?

   From 4 to 6 months after surgery, the rate of growth will increase and by the sixth month you will be able to monitor the first results of the hair transplant.

 After 12-18 months of hair transplantation, you will be able to notice the final result of the surgery .

Is hair transplantation done under general or local anesthesia?

 Mostly this procedure is performed using local anesthesia, after checking if the patient has any allergic condition.

Are hair transplants painful?

 No, since hair transplants are performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain.

Is it possible to smoke before or after the operation?

 Smoking causes vessels to constrict and this may affect hair growth.  It is advised to stop smoking 24 hours before the operation and one week

after the operation.

When can you start going to the gym again after the hair transplant procedure?

 For about 15 days, you should avoid bodybuilding or any other heavy workout that can cause excessive sweating.

 You should take a one-month break to do sports such as swimming or playing basketball and football, etc.

 What should the patient do if the scalp starts to itch after hair transplantation?

 If you start to itch, you can use the antihistamines that your doctor recommends.

How is hair washed after hair transplant?

 The hair-washing process will begin on the third day after surgery until the fifteenth day, by applying the products and shampoo we recommend at Winner Medical Center.

Hair transplant process in Turkey in recent times, the country of Turkey has had the greatest influence on everything related to the field of eyebrow transplantation and the process of hair transplantation in general, even the beard and mustache, in a more accurate sense, that country has become the first destination for everyone who thinks about undertaking such a process.

 We do not deny the development of the State of Qatar in this medical field from hair transplantation and other cosmetic operations, but we also do not forget all the previously mentioned comparisons and even in terms of costs.

 Where in Turkish hospitals (like the Wiener Medical Center) there are the latest technologies necessary to get the best result and doctors have the necessary experience, to carry out operations with such accuracy, and the hospitals are studying with the patient the optimal and most beautiful option to give him a satisfactory result with follow-up of the patient after the completion of the process  In addition to providing him with other services such as (tourism).

  Therefore, Turkey is the perfect choice for everyone who thinks about doing the operation, but he has hesitation and fear of not getting the desired result because Turkish hospitals always provide the best and their results are guaranteed and effective.

 At the end of the article, we conclude that the hair transplant process is easy, but it is necessary to choose the safe hands to obtain safe and sound results with it, and this is available at Winner Medical Center.