Hair transplants for women in Turkey

Hair is one of the most prominent features of beauty, and many of those who suffer from hair loss suffer from depression and cause them psychological and social problems.

 These days hair transplantation has become the perfect solution to treat these problems.

The most prominent causes of hair loss

 Hair loss is due to several reasons related to the nature of our life  , and among the causes of hair loss

  Genetic factors, thyroid disorders, pregnancy and childbirth, birth control pills, severe parenchyma, mental states, septic or protein-poor diseases, some types of chemical drugs, cancerous treatments, anemia, iron and vitamins deficiency in the body, increased stress, using  medicines more than once , hair treatment with dyes, serums and chemicals, straightening or curling hair and completely changing its color, synthesis of wigs, alopecia, internal surgeries and hormonal changes that occur during menopause and excessive male hormone activity .

• Hair transplantation is not a new thing, and celebrities around the world have resorted to it, we mention footballer Wayne Rooney, recently there has been an increasing demand from women to perform hair transplantation, as women currently constitute about a third of the hair transplantation that  Taking place in the world.

This increase in female turnout to hair transplantation is an indication of height  rate of hair loss in women.

 Normal human hair loses about 50 to 100 hair daily, and is replaced by new hair if the rate of hair growth is normal.

The problem of baldness appears (in women and men) if the rate of new hair growth slows, or if the density of hair decreases,

 Many people who have lost their hair (partially or completely) are convinced that hair transplantation as well as plastic surgery can help reshape hair in an acceptable way (for both men and women).

False information about hair loss: Some people believe that covering the head, dandruff, accumulated fat, frequent bathing, polluted air, or excessive thinking and limestone may be one of the causes of hair loss.

 Many patients also resort to wrong practices to reduce the problem of hair loss, which may be more harmful than its benefits, such as using nutrition oils on hair, rubbing hair with garlic, and reducing shower times.One of the things that must be stopped is the common belief that shortening the hair with a razor makes it stronger.

How is the hair transplant process for women?

 It is a process in which the follicles are transported from one region to another to condense spaces and fill them again.

The cost of hair transplantation for women

 The cost in Turkey for this process varies from $ 1,300 to $ 1,800 depending on the patient’s condition..the technique used .. the doctor’s experience..treatment services..the treatment and special follow-up and its duration after the operation ..

How is hair transplantation performed for women?

 There are two types of hair for males and females:

 • Permanent hair on both sides of the head and at the back of the head.

 • Temporary hair on the middle and at the front of the head, which is falling out and inherited naturally.

Hair transplantation is based on transferring healthy hair follicles from permanent hair areas at the back of the head and from the sides of the head to areas subject to baldness in the middle of the head and forward without affecting the shape of the hair in the back area. Most of the hair transplant process requires three sessions at relatively spaced periods (3-4 months), the duration of one session ranges between 3 to 4 hours during which the patient sits in the transplant session in his chair and enjoys watching TV or mobile phone and eat his favorite foods and without any pain  .

After local anesthesia is performed, the follicles are taken from the back of the head.

 Doctor  put  light dressing behind the head  , which is removed after 24 hours, after which the patient will back to normal life.

  Transplanted hair grows after three months of transplantation, and even looks normal in appearance, but is of little density, as the density of transplanted hair increases after one or two additional sessions.

Is hair transplantation for women possible and appropriate?

 Age and even sex, are not  important considerations that affect hair transplantation.  Where it became possible for women with severe hair loss and for the first time to transplant natural hair, thanks to modern technologies:

Micrograft & Minecraft T

techniques that enabled the transplant of high-resolution follicles between existing hair, and the acquisition of hair of great density.  In addition to the short hospitalization period that allows a return to normal life in the shortest possible time.

How long will the new hair last?

 The new hair will stay alive as long as the hair of the back areas is alive, When it is long, you can cut it and then grow again and cut it.

Contrary to the wrong judgments that baldness is a disease associated with men only, 40% of those who suffer from hair loss and baldness problems are women.  (40% women and 60% men).

 The method of hair transplantation for women is not different from the hair transplantation for men .

But the factors of hair loss may be different.  Our center recommends that women who want better results do additional analyzes in order to reach the optimal treatment for their hair loss problem.

Minoxidil is an essential treatment to reduce hair loss in women and may contribute to stopping it completely , but when women get tired of resorting to temporary solutions like wig, medical treatments and natural materials to strengthen hair,

They are increasingly convinced that hair transplantation is a permanent solution that satisfies them and increases their self-confidence and beauty.

 Hair transplantation for women in Turkey is one of the most important and most popular topics at the present time in Turkey and abroad.

Hair transplantation steps for women 

transferring hair follicles from the donor area which is located in the back of the head behind the head between the ears and then carefully separated to keep the hair follicle completely intact, then our specialist doctor implants the hair follicles extracted in pre-prepared channels, then the channel is automatically closed on the hair, and within hours the hair becomes part of the scalp tissue, the circulatory system starts in it and each follicle grows to give natural hair.

Who are the women who must perform hair transplantation:

 • Women who experience hair loss due to lack of external care for the hair (hair loss due to the frequent use of dyes and hair dryers).

 • Women who use cosmetic products excessively to care for their hair.

 • Women who suffer from hair loss due to a specific accident, such as burning, accidental scars or chemical burns.

 • Hair loss resulting from alopecia areata.

 • Women with significant hair density in the donor area located at the back of the head and between the ears.

Contraindications to hair transplantation:

 Any healthy woman can perform hair transplantation, but there are contraindications, the most important of which are:

 Cardiovascular patients.

 Diabetics with uncontrolled blood sugar or diabetics in advanced stages of the disease.

 Some autoimmune diseases, such as lupus erythematosus.

 The absence of a donor area.

Side effects after hair transplant:

 There are some unsettling side effects that appear after a hair transplant for women. These symptoms go away with the doctor’s instructions, including:

 Edema This edema is caused by the hair transplant process and is normal for any patient who transplants hair and goes away from a period of 1 to 3 days.

 Itching: a special medicine is prescribed for disposal.

Sudden hair loss: as hair falls out during the first ten days of the hair transplant process, which is a natural thing and you don’t have to worry about because the planted follicles remain in place to nourish and grow new hair and remain permanent for life.

 Duration of the operation :

 • The period of the operation ranges between 6 – 8 hours, and this varies depending on the patient’s condition and the number of follicles that are to be transplanted, and the size of the implanted area ..

• Residence in Turkey in Istanbul is sufficient for three days, and it is as follows: a day of operation, a day of rest after the operation, and a third day of loosening the bandage and washing the scalp.

What before hair transplant?

 Some medical tests must be done to ensure the patient’s safety and that there are no diseases that prevent the patient from performing the implant.

 • Avoid drinking cigarettes, hookahs and alcohol completely, as they cause strokes.

 Stop taking blood-thinning medications if they are there.

 • Inform the doctor if taking medications permanently

• The doctor has a very influencing factor in the success of the hair transplant process. The doctor’s skill and experience make the results of hair transplantation very guaranteed, and a good search must be made for the doctor who will perform the hair transplant, and it is possible to communicate with some cases that have transplanted hair to the same doctor to ensure that  the results will be satisfactory.

After the hair transplant procedure:

 The patient who performed the hair transplant must follow a lot of instructions in order not to damage the transplanted hair and the most important of these instructions:

 • Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages for a period of two weeks after undergoing hair transplantation, in order to prevent blood clots from occurring, causing damage to the transplanted surface.

 • Avoid using the hairbrush or combing the hair for at least 72 hours after the procedure, to prevent hair follicles from falling off.

• Not to use hair dyes within 30 days of the date of the transplant because it is harmful to the hair and causes it to fall out.

 • Refrain from bathing or washing hair for 7 days from the date of the hair transplant procedure, and after this period has passed a special shampoo is used that the doctor prescribes to the patient, because the chemicals in the normal shampoo cause damage to the follicles.

Refrain from using a hair dryer  for 30 days from the date of the procedure.

 Keep out of sunlight as much as possible.

 Getting adequate rest and avoiding violent sports or excessive activities.

 • The person who performed the hair transplant operation should refrain from lying on his back on the first day of the procedure to prevent damage to the follicles.

The latest methods of hair transplantation for women:

 Hair transplantation for women in Turkey using needles

 The implant is performed by taking a leather slice (FUT technique) from the scalp, then it is closed completely so that no trace remains in place.

Then the fine hair is taken from the skin slice and placed on a special medical needle to be grown in the bald area (hair loss area).

 The use of needles in hair transplantation has no effect on the location of the implant,

It also allows the possibility of cultivation at close distances, which ensures the granting of a high density of hair in women, especially women who want to increase the density of head hair.

 Using needles for hair transplantation provides a sure solution for anyone who wants to grow beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

• Precise hair transplantation for women picking:

 This method is more modern and suitable for women than for men, based on a special device that removes hair (a fine motor) from the back of the scalp and is implanted directly into the area of ​​hair loss (the location of baldness).

This method (FUE) provides a quick completion of the hair transplant process, so that a person can grow a large number of hair during the same session.

 A person can leave the hospital after the operation and can start a normal life right after the operation.

DHI technology

 Cultivation using the choi pen is the preferred and most used technique to prevent women from shaving, which gives psychological comfort and more encouragement to do the operation.

 Its principle is to open the channel and topple the follicles in one movement and allow high density implantation in the empty parts.

Artificial hair transplantation for women:

 Hair transplantation is performed in different types in terms of color, type and direction of hair transplantation.

 A person can control the amount of hair transplanted as desired during the same session, and can repeat the transplant until he or she reaches the density that suits them later.

The doctor uses local anesthesia so that the patient can continue the process at all stages.

 The patient may need an analgesic after the transplant, and a very small section may fall during the first nine months after the operation, but this percentage does not exceed 9%.

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