Hair loss and medical treatments

 What are the reasons of hair loss?

There are a number of factors that cause hair loss in men and women.  However, the most common cause in men is genetical male hair loss. 

Hair thinning and hair loss can be as a result of male hormone for example ,Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but for only  patients who are genetically exposed.

Although female hair loss is inherited from the family, there is ongoing research on this issue.  The effect of hormones on hereditary family hair thinning in women differs from that in men.

Less common causes of thinning hair that need further examination include thyroid diseases , iron deficiency, high temperature, diets that lead to aggression, childbirth, and the medications .

Additionally, scalp skin disorders may lead to permanent  hair loss like , lupus and alopecia areata.

Several common rumors regarding hair loss are listed , these rumors include poor blood circulation, too much using of shampoo and the wearing of hats .

It is important  to say that every adult person loses  75-125 hair every day because of the resting period (telogen) of hair but the number of hair on the scalp remains stable because of (anagen stage) in this period follicles begin to grow hair again .

Stress is another secondary factor in thinning hair that may increase thinning in males.

What are the medical treatments that can be used to solve hair loss problems ?

 Once you realize that you are losing your hair, you can reverse this process if you wish.  Treatments made with medication – simple medical treatments – are one option against hair loss.  Medical treatments aim to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

People with hair loss should check whether the medications they will use to treat hair restoration are FDA approved.

What is hair transplant?

 Why do we need hair transplantation?

  Hair is one of the most striking elements of our body.  While  hair differs from person to others in terms of quality, properties, color and length, everyone do the best to ensure that her or his hair looks distinctive and beautiful by styling and combing it in different ways.

Our hair color, length give hints regarding our attitude to life, our style, our tastes and our tendency. 

Thinning hair makes people look older and  persons who are suffering from hair loss feels socially and culturally incompetent and loses self-confidence. 

With all the negative effects it causes , 50% of men who are 50 years old  have a problem with thinning hair.  In order to solve this problem,Individuals often resort to different treatment options for many years.  Unfortunately, medical treatments can not regrow lost hair . In the modern world, the most effective treatment against hair thinning is hair transplant .

History of hair transplant techniques

In the 1940’s the first hair transplants began . In 1998 the follicular Unit Technique development and the hair transplant process began to give a natural and beautiful results , In 2003 the foundations of modern hair transplantation have been laid . FUE method which is done by extracting identified follicles individually , were defined as the gold standard for hair transplant.

In summary, modern hair transplants

 Hair transplant includes of extracting hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp and then , inserting them into the hair thinning sites.  It can be described as a type of transfer process, too .

Hair behind the head is the most important (dominant) hair in transplant process because it has the potential to grow for a lifetime.  These follicles can keep their ability to grow hair after transplanting them . 

Any individual with a sufficient amount of donor hair follicles on the back scalp is  suitable for hair transplant.While many patients who have experienced thinning hair have not been eligible fot hair transplant in the past , almost anyone with a hair loss problem can perform a hair transplant today because of the development of modern technologies and the advanced visualization of hair transplanted as an art .

In this days , the purpose of FUE  technique is not limited by the growth of hair from transplanted hair follicles.  A natural looking result is also aimed.  Nobody wants to be clear that they have had a hair transplant.

With the significant breakthroughs that have occurred over the past few years, procedures that have led to the appearance of a patchwork, appearance like paving stone or like a head of grass have been replaced by planting follicles that have a single pillar of hair.

The development of surgical equipment made it easy for surgeons to perform successful individual hair transplants, resulting in a natural appearance.

Using these follicles that have a single hair shaft gives a natural and smooth transmission for hair , Creating a new hairline always requires surgical experience and technical abilities.  If you notice anyone who does not experience hair loss, you will easily realize that your hair is made up of thin hair, It does not continue as a straight line, and the hair follicles grow thicker towards the front.

Side effects of  hair transplant methods include feeling of some pain and discomfort after the operation , and rarely slight swelling may occur in the the eye area, red spots, and scabies on the recipient site that lasts for  only about a week.  There will be no bleeding, injury, or scarring. 

Modern hair transplant surgery is a comfortable surgery for patient  .

 repeated hair transplants can give the desired result for you if you are suffering from hair loss  and if you wants to have thicker hair.

 A large number of hair follicles are obtained in one session through modern hair transplant techniques; therefore fewer operations are required in order to achieve the desired result.

Does hair transplant give permanent results?

 Hair transplant gives lasting results . Hair follicles implanted in the process are genetically resistant to the effect of testosterone that leads to hair loss.  The transplanted hair remains on the implant site for life.  If the transplanted hair is lost later, it will not make sense to perform the hair transplant.

What is actually transplanted in hair transplant process ; hair follicles or hair shafts?

 Hair follicles (follicular unit) are transplanted in hair transplant process .  Hair follicles are containing single, double, triple or more hair , since these structures demonstrate anatomical integrity , using hair follicles (follicular units) in hair transplant give a natural, aesthetic, and effective result .

Which part of the scalp acts as a donor site for hair transplantation?

 Hair follicles in the back scalp between the two ears  are used  because they give hair very thick and anti-hair fall. 

What do these numbers mentioned in hair transplantation?

The number represents the number of hair follicles and the number  of hair may exceed twice the number of hair follicles.  In this sense, providing a patient’s number before a hair transplant can be confusing.Given that each hair follicle (the follicle unit) contains more than one hair shaft so planting 3000 hair follicles means that 8,000 to 10,000 hair columns are actually implanted.

How important is head hair to you and your appearance?

 The importance of this is due to the desire of each person to distinguish in his society, where most people consider that the external appearance is a point of high importance in his dealings with society and the community’s dealings with him, as it is the genetic result that resulted from the family’s succession from time immemorial, which gives it an additional value that we cannot overcome.  In addition to the instinctive desire to attract the opposite sex through handsome and decent appearance.

Certainly, the psychological aspect of individuals plays an important role in their masses, but the form is no less important than the psychological side, and accordingly, both men and women aspire to complete the advantages of its shape , by compensating for the lack of weak areas in the hair density of the head, beard or mustache, these areas represent the primary points in shaping our appearance.

Therefore, the hair loss that sometimes occurs in some people leads to a feeling of sadness and trying to solve this problem in any way due to the importance of hair in forming the image that we want to build in front of others.

So , our response to the importance of hair is not only that we appear in a decent appearance, but also that we are satisfied with ourselves and our view of it , and the way society views us as well.

What are the expected results from the transplant process?

 Before anything , you must clarify what you want from the process, and this is done through your meeting with your plastic surgeon, and   you have to remind  all  results that you aspire to reach, and the reasons for your desire to perform this process without others . Through our experienced doctors at Wiener Hospital, we will provide the best advice that will help to fully achieve your desire and reach psychological and physical satisfaction after the operation.

Through your session with the doctor, you must make several decisions, for example:

 First, you must agree with the outcome of the operation.

 Second , Determine the technique that will be followed during the process.

Third,  Donor areas and targeting areas that meet your ambition.

 Fourth, Predicting the results before performing the operation.

 Fifth , The length of time that  process takes .

 Sixth , The cost of your hair transplant.

Seventh: To make sure whether the patient’s expectations of his physical appearance will be fully realized, as our commitment as plastic surgeons is to accommodate patients ’desires and understand their desires and aspirations to improve their appearance and their self-confidence and their forms through performing successful hair transplants.

Examples of some of the techniques used in hair transplant

FUE hair transplant

FUE is a new developed technique .

In the FUE hair transplant method, the hair follicles are removed individually from the donor site between the ears with a specially designed micro motor and precision punches in diameters of 0.5-0.8 mm.

 The rapid advancement in technology, makes the results of FUE hair transplantation  become comparable to FUT operations, and FUE hair transplant became very popularity.  The most important factor that led to FUE hair transplant being recognized as a standard was the development of surgical instruments that extract hair follicles quickly and smoothly without damaging them.

Nowadays, handheld punches have been replaced by manually or electronically controlled mini motors.  These tools make it possible to quickly extract follicles without encountering any problems.  The duration of difficult two-day operations decreased to a period of 4 to 5 hours during which the FUE hair transplant can be completed.  This has resulted in a higher level of patient comfort after surgery.

At present , FUE  method is one of the most popular hair transplant methods because of its advantages. If someone wants to do hair transplant , the first technique that comes to his or her mind is FUE technique . And that because ,

 FUE hair transplant has too many advantages like , it is a painless process, it allows to the patient  to return faster to the normal life , does not require any cracks or stitches and  don’t leave visible scar on the donor area from which the hair follicles are extracted.  In addition,  in FUE hair transplant doctors can use  body hair for transplant .

What factors were considered in the examination before performing the hair transplant?

 Although the hair transplant process is a simple process, a number of factors must be fulfilled for the hair transplant process to obtain an aesthetic and successful result, as the successful hair transplant process begins with a detailed examination and technical analysis by a specialized plastic surgeon.

In this examination, doctors knew family history and ask about diseases and other health problems of the patient .  In most cases, the diagnosis is androgenic alopecia ( Male pattern hair loss ) , It is the cause of an individual’s genetic suspension.

Then , the donor site is examinef . At this examination ,    doctors  review the density of hair follicles  by a specially designed camera called Proscope and determine the number of hair follicles per 2 cm  . Then they can calculate the total number of removable hair follicles .

They can also determine  the thickness of the hair shafts, the number of hair shafts in each hair follicle and the color of the hair .

Our doctors transplant a total of 4000-4500 hair follicles in 4 to 6 hours per day for each individual.There is no visible thinning in the donor area  as long as the safe boundaries are not crossed. although , the new hair follicles do not evolve to replace the extracted hair follicles .

 Scalp examination ، one of the important criterion for successful hair transplantation is a narrow scalp.

After doing all these analyzes and checks , you   and your doctor can decide whether or not you are suitable for hair transplantation.  If the commonly techniques are not suitable for you, doctor recommends alternative hair treatments .

After making a hair transplant decision, you will be given all the information related to the transplant process like , the location of the hair transplant ,  the density of the transplant that will be obtained, the duration of treatment and postoperative care.

You must have realistic expectations.

the right expectations is one of the best criteria for a successful hair transplant . So realistic must be found between what the doctors can , provid for you and what you imagine .

How should hair density be satisfactory for me after hair transplantation?

   80-100 hair shafts can cover every 2 cm of the scalp in cases of safe hair density on the site of the donor and the comfortable shaft thickness.  Do not forget that each patient has special properties on the number of hair follicles that give this density.  While using follicles containing three and four shafts, 30 hair follicles per cm2 are sufficient for hair transplantation, but for a person whose hair follicles contain single or double shafts.  Then this number reaches 40-60 per cm2.

We both got the same number of hair follicles implanted, why does one of us get a more intense result?

 A person with dense shafts of hair and who has follicles that mostly contain three and four shaft will get a more satisfactory result with more dense hair .

hair plant

 In a FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) hair transplant, in this technique doctors remove the follicles  from the donor area ( back of scalp between the ears ) as a narrow piece , but after the operation , it leavs a narrow scar on the donor area . then , they cut The harvested tape  carefully  into individual hair follicles under a microscope and transplant it to the recipient site.  In fact, individual hair follicles are transplanted in the FUT hair transplant process.

Postoperative disadvantages of the FUT method (Follicular Unit Transplant)

This technique results in a permanent scar, and stitches need to be removed, and numbness occurs at the site of the incision despite temporary pain . However, despite all the disadvantages , FUT maintains its importance because some patients can’t perform a FUE so  they can perform it instead .

What are the FUE and FUT hair transplant differences ?

They are diffir among

 the way that hair follicles are obtained. and all stages of the  process are similar for both hair transplants .

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