There are many reasons why people want to undergo cosmetic dentistry in Turkey. Some of the most important reasons why both men and women often consider cosmetic surgery procedure include lost or broken teeth and darkened color caused by drinking and smoking. The cosmetic surgery procedure is also considered to be one of the most important cosmetic procedures in Turkey and in the world. This procedure became popular as a result of the significant role of teeth in the attraction between men and women, where everyone wants to get a white and bright smile.

Cosmetic surgery is a dental process or a scientific procedure that involves taking care of the health of the teeth, maintaining its beauty and overcoming all the problems that can affect the teeth. There a many types of dental procedures like tooth whitening, orthodontic, dental implants, dressing, gums, and cleaning. The origin of cosmetic surgery can be traced back to the first millennium BC when man started using dental implants. Records have shown that there were attempts to perform dental procedures in Greek and Pharaonic civilization. Another important point in the history of cosmetic dentistry is during the First World War when doctors were looking for a way to restore the teeth of soldiers that lose their teeth in war. The first person to successfully perform dental implantation was the British physician known as Harold Giles and he was able to perform this procedure on more than 5,000 soldiers.

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Cosmetic Surgery

There are many conditions that will require people to resort to the procedure of cosmetic dentistry and some of the most important of these conditions include;

ISSUES WITH THE GUMS: A lot of people suffer from sensitive gums, which can result in the buildup of lime and bacteria on the teeth. And this can also lead to the decay of these teeth and come out of some cysts in the teeth that can affect human health. This is why it is very important to consult a medical specialist to help you clean sensitive gums.

DENTISTRY: There are a number of people that suffer from caries, warp or breakage in the teeth, which is capable of making their smiles pale. These people often resort to dental procedures which will address these issues through filling eggs that can be used to improve the appearance of teeth, especially if there is a vacuum between the teeth.

TEETH WHITENING: There are many people that are interested in getting their teeth whitening in order to make their smile more trusting and attractive. Although there are home remedies that were developed for teeth whitening using sodium bicarbonate, if you want to get a better result, it is best that you consult a medical specialist.

RESTORATION AND FILLING OF TEETH: This procedure is used by people if they have some stains and decay that do not disappear with the bleaching procedure of the patient. This procedure is often used to restore and fills the teeth in the event of short teeth or teeth that change color after cutting the nerve.

WARPING: There are some people that suffer from warping in their teeth and there is no way for them to get rid of this warp except by resorting to dental surgery. The main aim of the scientific rearrangement of the teeth is to create a perfect harmony between the facial shape and teeth. It is also used to return the teeth to its normal shape.

TEETH: The prominent teeth can result in anxiety to the owner and it might make their appearance inappropriate. Some people can have trouble smiling normally as a result of lower jaw, so they often return to the dentist to fix this problem.

DISTINCTIVE LIP: Having a distinctive lip can result in a problem for the owner. It can reduce the self-confidence of the owner. This condition can be treated with the use of orthodontic devices, but if the specialist in charge of this procedure fails to correct this disorder, the patient will have to undergo dental surgery.


3D Dental Scan


The cosmetic dentistry can vary according to the type of scientific process, but these procedures, in general, are often performed under the influence of anesthesia. And on certain occasions, the patient is fully anesthetized.

DENTAL IMPLANTS: This scientific procedure often involves the implantation of the artificial roots that is made of titanium in order to be able to properly support the crowns that will be installed in the next stage. The next stage involves the specialists uncovering the root of the teeth that he or she installed. The artificial roots must be strong and capable of tolerating chewing of human food.

THE TEETH WHITENING PROCEDURE: This scientific procedure involves the specialist installing a plastic material on the gums in order to protect them from laser radiation. The next step involves putting a high concentration of oxygen on the teeth and then putting this substance in the depth of the teeth with the use of a laser. This substance is left for several minutes and therefore ending the bleaching procedure.

One of the most important factors that affect the success of the cosmetic dentistry procedure is the period of recuperation, so if you want your cosmetic dentistry procedure to be successful, it is important that you consider it. The period of recuperation can vary according to the type of scientific procedure that the patient undergoes. It is important that the patient should not go back to work directly after the cosmetic dentistry procedure. It is best that the patient take a day to recuperate before they return to work.