The teeth are  very important in our body, it has a great role in the process of digestion as well as speech. Therefore, the loss of teeth entails many problems, including the emergence of problems in the digestion process that may develop into diseases of the stomach and other parts of the digestive system, and the loss of teeth may cause the appearance of odor  Unpleasant in the mouth , and one of the most prominent things that cause an embarrassment for people who have lost their teeth is its effect on the external appearance very badly.

Dental implants: It is one of the most effective solutions to compensate for the lost teeth, and in this article we will learn about this process and its benefits, and we will talk at length about the advantages of dental implants in Turkey .

What is dental implant ?

  Dental implant is a procedure used to replace one or more teeth.  It is implanted in a titanium screw that can replace the root of a tooth when it fails, as it is placed in the jaw bone, if there are too many teeth missing, a fixed prosthesis can be used instead of a mobile prosthesis by implanting the teeth.

Dental implant success rates vary, depending on where the teeth is implanted in the jaw , but in general, the dental implant success rate is (98%), especially in Turkey where appropriate care is provided.

Some of the benefits of dental implants

 1_ Dental implant is useful in cases of missing teeth or to secure a bridge or dentures to replace multiple missing teeth.

2 _ The doctor uses titanium for dental implants, and this substance is characterized by the fact that over time it is already merging with the living bone cells in the jaw.  This combination is a strong and lasting anchor for your new teeth, and this means that there is no slip or other movement (which can sometimes occur with dentures).  And there will be no need to repair the teeth regularly.

3_ Improving the external appearance for you

 losing teeth leaves a bad effect on your face, but dental implants give you a beautiful smile, and also that new teeth looks like your own teeth , because as we have mentioned it is designed to fuse with bones and it becomes permanent  .

4- Dental implant can stop the jaw bone from contracting, and this helps to make your face look larger.

5 _ Improving speech quality: loss of teeth or an imbalance in the teeth causes speech problems, as the teeth can slide into the mouth, causing mumbling of words, and this may affect communication with other people. 

6 _ Eating Easily: Dental implant allow you to eat your favorite foods without anxiety and in complete comfort  away from any pain.

 7_ Dental implant help get rid of gum problems and infections.

 8 _ Dental implant help to build self-confidence and bypass the ugly smile obstacles and nutritional problems as dental implant can restore your smile.

 9_ One of the most prominent advantages of dental implants is that they do not require modification of other teeth, as in the case of a bridge supported by teeth.  This ensures that the nearby teeth are kept intact as they are not changed to support the implant, which improves long-term oral health.

10_ The dental implant helps to organize the distances between the teeth, which helps to maintain oral and periodontal health.

11 _ Dental implants prevent sagging of the face and help make patients appear younger.

12_ Dental implants have a permanent result that lasts for many years.  Many transplants continue throughout life, especially when providing quality care.

 13_ Most people who received dental implants received satisfactory results and the procedure was accompanied with very little discomfort.

14_ If  you choose Turkey to do this procedure, in addition to obtaining permanent and effective treatment, you can take a tourist tour in Turkey and stay in the best hotels in it, and we at the Wiener Dental Center offer the best tourist advice for you during your stay in Turkey to perform the dental implant process  .

How is dental implants in Turkey ?

  First, the dentist examines your mouth and photographes your head , teeth and jaw with X-rays to determine whether or not dental implants are suitable for you .

The first stage of surgery : The doctor places implants in the jaw bone or below the gum tissue.  And then he sews gum tissue .

When the tissues heal , the implant  (titanium) merges to the bones and attached to the gums ,  this takes several months.

The second stage: occurs after tissue healing, in which the dentist attaches a brace to the implant.  The goal of the brace is to connect the prosthetic tooth to the implant.  In some cases, the doctor may perform the first and second stage of surgery with only one stage.

An artificial replacement tooth is made and the dentist attaches it to the brace .  It may take several sessions to reach an alternative teeth appropriate for the brace.

Taking care of teeth is very important to keep the body  healthy , as teeth are the only entrance from which the body receives food, and therefore any problem or inflammation in the mouth will be transmitted to the rest of the body through the nutrition that it gets, and when a person loses teeth or is exposed to damage it is a very big problem, therefore  Numerous techniques have been developed to restore a person’s missing teeth quickly and naturally .

In the past years, different dental implant techniques appeared . In particular dental implantation in Turkey became one of the most prevalent processesand and the demand for dental implantation has become very large as it solved the problem of tooth loss and suits a very large number of people .

Dental implants do not have a risk that hinders a person from doing them. Some people lose their teeth in different stages and for different reasons as well. Whatever the reasons, they can submit to dental implants and restore the beauty of the face and mouth again.

People explaining the dental implant:

 When a person loses a number of his teeth or one tooth, he will seek to find a suitable way to replace these teeth, but when the dental implant is required, the person must have several conditions. Among the most important of these conditions are :

The person who intends to perform the dental implantation process must be in good health

 Also, the teeth adjacent to the teeth that will be implanted must be healthy and not worn out, and this is a condition that must be met by the person who intends to perform the dental implant, otherwise alternative solutions will be offered.

The jawbones should be in good condition because the jaw is primarily responsible for dental implants, as the tooth is fixed in the jaw, so the jaw and its bones must be in good condition.

 The gums must be free from any infections or scars, for easy installation of the teeth, and also the integrity of the gums makes the teeth heal very quickly after performing the dental implant.

Only adults can grow teeth because teeth are not renewable after puberty, unlike human teeth before puberty .

 People who suffer from immune diseases cannot perform dental implants, as well as people with diabetes and blood-borne diseases .

Therefore, medical analyzes must be done to ensure the safety of the person from any diseases that hinder performing dental implants.

What is the process of dental implants?

 Dental implants are a hole in the gums and jaw, and this hole is placed in a supportive tooth or artificial walls.  Then the doctor installs the teeth over this artificial wall with ease, and the implanted teeth are permanent and the person does not need to repeat the process.

What are the modern technologies for dental implants?

 There are a lot of dental implant techniques, and each type of dental implant has its advantages, and every operation is appropriate for a specific class of patient, so a person must be careful while choosing the process he will perform to implant his teeth until they have the required results.  Among the most important types of dental implants are the following:

Immediate dental implants

 Immediate dental implantation is one of the latest modern technologies in the field of dental implantation, as the implantation of immediate teeth depends on dental implantation immediately after extraction, this method avoids people feeling distressed from losing their teeth.

 The doctor anesthetizes the patient locally, then removes the teeth, and immediately after that he installs the new tooth safely.

 Immediate dental implantation is characterized by shortening the time, while all dental implants need more than one session to complete the process, but for the period after implantation of the immediate dental it is a period without complications or exposure to any pain, so the demand for the immediate dental implantation process has become very large   and Doctors  preferred it as well .

Candidates for immediate dental implantation:

 There are some factors that must be available in the person who intends to perform the immediate dental implant, and we mention them:

 That the person who intends to perform the dental implant procedure has a perfectly healthy jaw and does not complain of any gum disease.

 The absence of any problems in the roots of the teeth in general for those intending to conduct dental implantation .

That the person be in good general health and be able to tolerate the extraction of teeth and the cultivation of new teeth at the same time .

 That the person who intends to perform the dental implant does not complain of any diseases in the mouth at all or any diseases transmitted through the blood as well .

 The one who intends to perform the dental implantation process must choose the doctor with great experience to be able to do the task without any problems  occurring finally .

Precautions to take before implanting immediate teeth

 There are several important precautions to be taken before thinking about immediate dental implants, the most important of which are:

 That a person perform general x-rays on the teeth to ensure that the teeth respond to immediate dental implants.

 The person must also do medical analyzes to find out if there are any contraindications to the implantation of immediate teeth, therefore care must be taken before taking immediate implantation.

Laser dental implants

 Lasers are one of the most used things in medical procedures in recent years, and laser is one of the safe techniques in use and does not cause any problems at all, so the technology of laser dental implants appeared.

 Laser dental implants depend on doing the opening of the place where the dental implants will be done with laser, and without the need for any surgical intervention, as the laser works to open the place without any problems such as exposure of the person to bleeding.

After the laser works, the required opening is performed, the doctor installs the artificial roots, and then installs the teeth in a very easy and simple way.

 The process takes a simple period of time that does not exceed half an hour, after that the patient can leave the hospital safely, but in case of any bleeding or severe pain, he should go to the doctor immediately.

After laser dental implantation

 After implanting the teeth with a laser, the person must be aware that the teeth are very sensitive, so you should not eat any very hard foods at all.

 It is preferable to drink lukewarm drinks as hot and iced drinks are harmful to the teeth.

 Teeth should be cleaned daily as well as sterilized to avoid any contamination in the place of implanted teeth.

Take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor regularly, taking only analgesics prescribed by your doctor.

 In the event that a person takes any medications on a daily basis, he must consult the doctor about them before taking them, as there are no complications or conflicts with the medications prescribed by the doctor, what puts the patient at risk.

Laser dental implants last for many years and may not need a person to perform dental implants a second time, but the person who implanted the teeth must maintain the new teeth and take care of them on a daily basis, as well as good follow-up with the doctor.

The most important factors that help the success of dental implants

 There are several factors that help the dental implant succeed very significantly, and one of the most important of these factors is the choice of the dentist and the facilities of his clinic, as the dentist is the most important factor for the success of the dental implant and obtaining fully satisfactory results, therefore the doctor must be experienced and hold Global certificates  in the field of dental implants.

The cost of dental implants:

 There is no uniform price for dental implants alike, due to the different dates and procedures. Dental implants are specially adapted for your teeth to look natural so, the prices differ from case to case and also differ based on many factors and if you visit your doctor , he will determine the cost of dental implants.

 But don’t forget that dental implants are a permanent solution, and their cost is much lower than other procedures that may require follow up and re-repair again.

The prices of dental implants in Turkey are very reasonable compared to other countries.  As the average dental implantation in Turkey is between (400- 600) dollars, noting that dental implantation in Turkey is never different in quality from other countries, but Turkey has proven its success and progress in this field as it has become a destination for many people  Around the world wanting dental implants.

From the above, we find that dental implants are an effective and permanent solution that makes you feel comfortable, so you do not have to worry about dental problems afterwards, as after implantation you will feel that your teeth have returned to normal again.

 Perhaps dental implant prices are expensive, but Turkey offers you the right treatment with the right care and at very reasonable prices.

The doctor must be familiar with the latest methods in dental implants, and a person can see the operations that the doctor has performed to make sure that the results he has are sound.If the dentist’s experience is larger , that means complications after the operation are less, and the recovery period is very shorter .

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