One of the most important parts of the body that is used to display beauty is the Teeth and the whole face in general, especially when you are smiling or eating. The uniformity of the teeth is why it is capable of being aesthetically fit and attractive. But if your teeth are not consistent, then you might have issues with the harmony and alignment of your teeth, and you might feel ashamed whenever you try to open your mouth in public. This is also capable of reducing a person’s self-confidence.

Orthodontics is considered to be one of the most important types of cosmetic medicine. One of the main reasons why Orthodontic is very important is because of the fact that some conditions with the teeth can result in psychological, aesthetic or health problems in people. Having inconsistent teeth can disfigure a person’s aesthetic appearance and have a negative impact on the mental health of the person as a result of reduced self-confidence.

Orthodontics is simply the field of dentistry that deals with the methods of helping the teeth grow straight. This branch deals with the treatment and repair of teeth that are inconsistent or have non-occlusion symmetry. There are many disadvantages of having inconsistent teeth and they include lack of dental alignment naturally or in the upper or lower teeth and contrasting tooth sizes that vary and can cause problems like the teeth clogging together.

Problems with the lower and upper jaw of the mouth like the warping or narrowing, varying jaw widths or the distance between the teeth can also distort the appearance of the mouth if they exceed the normal aesthetic space. The orthodontics procedure is used to correct the position of the teeth that are not properly aligned from the root area and the upper coronary area of the mouth. The orthodontics procedure can sometimes be used to adjust the positions of the roots in the lower and upper jaw of the mouth so that the specialist can perform the evaluation properly.

Types of Orthodontics in Turkey


Clear Orthodontics

There are different types of the calendar used for orthodontics procedures in Turkey and they vary according to a number of criteria that determines the kind of calendar to be used for a different patient based on their individual condition. This criterion is followed by the specialist in determining the proper type of calendar that can be used for an individual patient based on their individual condition. This criterion also considers the materials that the calendar consists of, the possible defects of that type of calendar used and how to avoid them.
There are many types of orthodontics based on the materials used for the process of evaluation, its location and the method of installation. There are two main types of orthodontics in Turkey and they include;


This orthodontics procedure involves the type of calendar that is simple to install and relatively cheap as compared to other types of calendar. This type of orthodontics calendar is often used after the traditional orthodontics procedure is performed and removed in order to ensure the stability and retention of the teeth in their location. The mobile calendar is often made of a plastic base which is comfortable and light, and metal wire installed on it to tighten the teeth, but within certain limits and prevents it from moving the teeth to a new position. The mobile calendar is very easy to clean and remove and it is only worn for short hours during the day or as directed by the medical specialist. The total duration of treatment using a mobile calendar can range from about 6 months to one year depending on the patient’s condition and dental requirements. There are many types of mobile calendars, but two of the most popular ones are the;


A fixed calendar is one of the most popular and widely used calendars in Turkey and the world. But if you want to undergo fixed orthodontics, it is best that you find a skilled specialist that has some experience with your condition. The installation of the fixed calendars often requires deep knowledge and extensive experience of the patient’s jaw bone and the method of treatment that can be used to correct the corners of the teeth. There are many types of fixed orthodontics calendar in Turkey and they all have different characteristics which are unique to their usefulness in the treatment of certain cases. Some of the most popular types of fixed calendars used of orthodontics include;