Hair transplant is considered to be one of the most important cosmetic procedures in men in Turkey and all other parts of the world. This is because of the importance of beard and its role as a distinctive aesthetic element. The popularity of beard and mustache transplant has been growing rapidly in recent times because they are considered to be two important factors for facial beauty and a symbol of manhood in many cultures. A lot of men often have beardless faces or unhealthy grown beard and mustache. Beard transplant is a medical procedure that is used to treat people suffering from any beard or mustache abnormality.

As a result of the high number of people with hair loss problems in Turkey, there are a lot of hair transplantation centers in the country. And most of these hair transplantation centers often provide beard transplant procedures also. Turkey is also considered one of the best countries in the world for Beard transplantation and this is why many people also travel to Turkey from other countries for Beard transplant procedures. The Winner Esthetic clinic is considered to be one of the best centers to have your Beard transplant procedure. The clinic is located in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. The cities with the highest number of hair transplant specialists in Turkey the capital, Istanbul, followed by Ankara and then Izmir. And the cities with the best hair transplant specialist in Turkey are Istanbul and Ankara.

There are a lot of people who want to increase the length of their beard, but if there are some blanks, it will result in a significant imbalance in appearance. The weakness of the beard can be caused by a lot of things such as genetic causes or accidents suffered by men like burns and so on.

Beard Transplant Procedure

It’s a relatively safe process and does not cause concern to the patient, but there may be some complications as a result of natural causes. The most significant of these complications are often;

Beard transplant is considered a long procedure that can take about two to eight hours depending on the number of bulbs to be transferred. This procedure is not known to cause any pain to patients who will be able to return to their physical life immediately after the procedure. However, it is recommended that the patient rest on the day of the procedure and return to his natural life on the following day. It is also very important for the patient to be healthy and refrain from smoking before the medical procedure, because of the role of smoking in sufficient amounts of blood to cultivated follicles.

The process of cultivating beard hair is a delicate and scientific one and requires the use of modern and sophisticated pieces of equipment. This is one of the reasons why the process is very expensive and has an average cost of $3000 (but this cost can rise to $7000 or $12,000 in advanced centers). However, if you meet a medical center that charges less than $3000 for the procedure, it might be as a result of the lack of experience of their specialists and poor equipment.


There are two main techniques of hair transplant that are used for beard transplant procedures and they include;


This technique is often considered by a lot of people to be the best and most important technique of hair transplantation for beard transplant in all parts of the world (especially in Turkey). During the FUE transplant procedure, each hair graft is transferred from the donor region to the recipient area and harvested through small circular incisions over a larger area. This procedure can leave small and barely noticeable white scars. This procedure can take a long time varying from three to nine hours. The amount of time required for this procedure depends on the area that is being covered and the quality of the hair which would be required for the procedure. A full beard transplant can require about 4000 hairs while a goatee transplant can require about 1500 hairs.

  1. FUT: It’s not used now in most clinics

This technique requires a small strip of tissue to be transferred from the donor area to the recipient area through a microscopic dissection process. After the procedure, the specialist will close the wound edges and leave a single, fine scar.

The Winner Esthetic clinic provides customers with translators that will accompany throughout their hair transplant procedure in Turkey. The translator will translate into your native languages. The clinic also provides transportation services to and from the airport with modern air-conditioned VIP cars. The clinic also provides transportation services within Istanbul. The Winner Esthetic clinic also provides foreign clients with accommodation services in a 5-star hotel which provides breakfast services throughout the hair transplantation procedure.

The hair transplantation procedures in Winner Esthetic clinic are guaranteed so; clients often get a written guarantee. This highly reputable clinic also provides clients with consultations and all pre-operation tests for free.  It also gives clients a treatment bag that contains shampoos and medicine which are enough for any hair transplantation and other cosmetic procedures. This clinic has had about 52000 recorded plastic surgery and about 5400 hair transplantation procedures. And, it has also cultivated about 23000 hairs for men.