Eye lashes transplant in Turkey is one of the most important types of plastic surgery procedures that are performed in the world in general and in Turkey in particular, and the distinct location of  eyelashes above the eyes gives this process an importance, because of the beauty that it adds to the face . Women in general resort to this process for  Long and thick eyelashes.

And before the operation appeared, false eyelashes were the only way to obtain long and distinctive eyelashes, in addition to using cosmetic materials that contribute to thickening and lengthening eyelashes, but the process of planting eyelashes is very easy and useful for women.

The weakness of eyelashes causes many psychological problems for women, as it makes their self-confidence decrease dramatically, and this may cause embarrassment in many situations, in addition to that, eyelashes play a big role in maintaining the health of the eyes, as they protect them from entering dust . Therefore, the world of hair transplant and cosmetology took care of eyelashes, and began to search for solutions to them .

Turkey is one of the leading countries in eyelashes transplant , and eyelashes cultivation in Turkey is characterized by appropriate and low costs, in addition to that it contains the most famous specialists in the eyelashes transplant in the world.

But before we get to know the ways to grow eyelashes, let’s get to know the reasons that lead to eyelashes falling.

What are the causes of eyelashes falling?

There are many reasons that contribute to falling eyelashes, and we will learn about the most important causes of eyelashes falling:

– Eye cosmetics: The Frequent use of mascara in general and waterproof mascara in particular are  the most important and prominent reasons that lead to eyelashes falling , due to the effect of chemicals on highly sensitive eyelashes, and when you perform the process of implanting eyelashes, you will completely get rid of your need for this type of Lotion.

– False eyelashes: False eyelashes are one of the most important reasons that lead to eyelashes falling, as the adhesives in them play in the natural fall of eyelashes, and the process of eyelashes transplant  provides the ideal solution for women instead of using false eyelashes.

-Weather factors: Air factors and pollutants are considered one of the most important causes that lead to eyelashes falling, due to the large role that storms and various weather factors play in weakening eyelashes.

– Various psychological factors different psychological factors such as psychological pressure, depression, stress and pressure are among the causes that lead to eyelashes falling.

– Staying up late: Staying up late  on computer and mobile screens is one of the reasons for eyelashes falling.

 -Anemia and malnutrition are among the reasons that lead to the weakening of eyelashes significantly, and thus falling out.

– Various accidents

during her lifetime a woman may experience a group of accidents that lead to eyelashes falling, such as burns and surgical procedures in that region.

 – Skin diseases are one of the most important causes that lead to eyelashes, and alopecia is one of the most important of these diseases.

– Eye diseases such as inflammation and allergies are among the most important and prominent causes of eyelashes, and eyelashes transplant addresses this problem.

 – Chemotherapy is one of the important causes of eyelashes falling.

What are the techniques of eyelashes transplant  in Turkey?

 There is no difference between eyelash transplant techniques and other hair transplant techniques As this transplant is based on the same principle as taking hair from the donor area, but it is not possible that the donor area is the back of the head, due to the difference between the nature of eyelashes hair, and the nature of hair in that region,Therefore, it must be specified another donor area where the hair is close to the properties of eyelashes hair, and it is possible to use the 

all kinds of FUE technique or the FUT technique to perform eyelashes transplant.

What are the steps for eyelashes transplant in Turkey?

 There are a set of steps for the eyelashes transplant process in Turkey and the most important and most prominent of these steps are

– Preparing for the operation

the patient is prepared for the operation by cleaning the face and drying it well.

– Anesthesia: Anesthesia is the second step in the eyelashes transplant, In general localized anesthesia is used in the process , but  in some cases the patient is subject to total anesthesia due to the length of time of the operation.

– Fixing the eyelids

fixing the eyelids is the third step in the eyelashes transplant process in Turkey, where the eyelid of a woman is fixed with a machine dedicated to this matter, and then the doctor implants the follicles with great accuracy.

– Follicular cultivation: Follicular cultivation is the fourth step in planting eyelashes, and there are two ways to grow eyelashes, and the doctor uses one of them .The first method (extracting) The doctor makes small incisions and implanted each bulb separately . while the second method is using a curved needle in which a hair is placed at the end of it for transplant , and is inserted from the eyelid towards the growth of hair, and removed from the place of germination of eyelashes.

And the doctor repeats these steps until he finishes planting eyelashes, and in general, one eye needs thirty to forty eyelashes.

After completing the operation, the woman will remain in the hospital for two hours in order to monitor her condition, and then return to normal life.

What are the advantages of the eyelashes transplant process in Turkey?

 There are a wide range of advantages of the eyelashes transplant process in Turkey and the most prominent of these advantages are :

-The centers that provide the cultivation of eyelashes are excellent and have the latest equipment and devices.

 – The possibility of falling cultivated eyelashes is extremely rare.

-The eyelashes implant procedure does not require it back.

– This eyelash transplant gives great results that will positively reflect on the woman and restore her self-confidence.

 -The recovery period required for this eyelashes transplant is very short and does not exceed ten days.

 – Eyelashes transplantat does not require total anesthesia except in rare cases.

What are the disadvantages of transplant eyelashes in Turkey?

 Despite the many advantages of eyelashes transplant , there are some disadvantages to it, and the most prominent of these disadvantages are :

– The results are late, as the eyelashes planted in the eyelashes transplant process need six months to start appearing.

  – The length of eyelashes implanted in the eyelash transplant process may often exceed the normal length, which makes women need a permanent specialist in this science.

 – In the event that the eyelashes transplant was not performed by experts, the results will not be good, especially if the hair has not been transplanted towards the growth of hair, which will make the eyelashes planted hair not beautiful.

Instructions after performing the eyelashes cultivation process in Turkey

 There is a set of instructions that a woman must adhere to after eyelashes transplant , in order to give the eyelashes transplant its results. Among the most prominent of these instructions are:

Adhere strictly to the appointments of the drugs and drugs prescribed by the doctor for the patient after the eyelashes transplant procedure.

 Take good care of the wound area.

 Women should wear sunglasses during the day to protect from the sun, and during sleep, in order to avoid rubbing the eyes.

Avoid using eyelashes cosmetics in the first periods of the eyelashes transplant procedure.

 Visiting the doctor after several months to ensure that the transplanted hair is in the right direction.

 If a woman feels red or sore, she must see a doctor who performed the eyelashes transplant quickly and immediately.

The cost of eyelashes transplant in Turkey

 The process of transplant eyelashes in Turkey is one of the high-cost operations, due to the need for great experience and accuracy, and in general, the cost of the process of transplant eyelashes ranges between 2700 to 5000 dollars, according to the center that conducts the operation and the features that it will provide to the patient.

Thus, we find Turkey a great and wonderful place to carry out the cultivation of eyelashes, due to the presence of many centers equipped with the latest technologies to conduct this process.

In conclusion, we hope that we have provided you with important information about eyelashes cultivation in Turkey.

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