FUE technique of Hair transplantation (Follicular Unit Extraction )

 What are its advantages and disadvantages, and what are the conditions and precautions  that should be taken before the operation.

Hair is of great importance in giving beauty to the face, so many people are interested in  taking care of it, and spend money on hair care products and others.  Unfortunately, many people around the world have major problems with hair, such as baldness and hair loss that have become an increasing problem in recent years, due to the use of many chemicals or environmental conditions, or taking medications and inorganic foods.

Fortunately, hair transplants in Turkey in particular have achieved a huge success , so the methods of hair transplantation varied and gave wonderful results, so that the person undergoing the operation appears to have real hair.

FUE technique of hair

 transplantation is one of those effective methods in the world .  This technology has appeared over the past ten years .

What happens in a FUE hair transplant?

 This method allows porous grafts units to be extracted from the donor area (the area that contains healthy and cultivable hair follicles) to the bald area easily.

The unique thing about this technique is that it is done using a micrometer, and this device is a revolution in the world of hair transplantation in general.  Where the process of extracting the unit of intact follicles depends on the idea that the area of ​​the straight muscle contact with the bulb is considered to be the most tight area, and once made somewhat relaxed and separate from the dermis layer of the surrounding skin, the bottom of it can be extracted easily.

Because the follicle unit is at a very narrow area on the surface of the skin, a device such as a micrometer is needed to facilitate the process of removing the follicles very efficiently and without the appearance of scars on the skin.

Before the micrometer was present, follicles were extracted with traditional and manual tools. About 2,000 grafts were extracted within three or four hours, and it was not easy to exceed this number by conventional methods.

Now, with a micrometer, the doctor can grow 5,000 to 6000 grafts in less time.  This means that the FUE technique reduced the time required to perform the operation, and the patient was not likely to undergo hair transplantation using the FUT method (except in a few cases).

 FUE technique of hair transplantation in Turkey

It is also known that the hair is located about 3.5 to 7 millimeters deep from the surface of the skin.  The length of the grafts should be about 5 millimeters.  Grafts that are shorter than 4 millimeters or longer than 6 millimeters are difficult to extract and grow.

Hair transplantation is performed in Turkey under the influence of local anesthesia, except in some abnormal cases or at the request of the patient, it is performed under the influence of total anesthesia.

 Advantages of hair transplant with extracting technique

 Hair transplantation process provides the time that the patient needs to recover, thus avoiding the feeling of discomfort that he may experience by subjecting to other techniques such as the FUT technique. The most important advantages of this process is that it reduces the risk of nerve damage or lack of sensation in the donor area.

In addition, the appearance of scars at the donor area after the operation is almost invisible.  Body hair can be used to add more density to hair in this technique.

From the doctors ’point of view, FUE technique is considered a non-dangerous surgical procedure, and it does not need a large number of doctors to perform the operation, only one doctor in addition to one or two assistants.  It requires less equipment compared to other hair transplantation methods .

 Disadvantages of FUE technique

– Hair transplantation is one of the operations that takes time, so it carries a heavy burden on both the doctor and the patient together, as the process is stressful for the doctor, it needs high patience and energy, and may cause neck and shoulders pain to the doctor.  So the doctor must take breaks during the process. 

-The patient is forced to take an uncomfortable position during the period of the operation, as it is not a short period. 

 – Another disadvantage is that some doctors may risk removing follicles from the temporary area(the area that contains non-permanent follicles), which leads to severe consequences, including the inability of the follicles to produce new hair and this means the loss of the follicles forever.

-The number of grafts extracted per day is limited, so the patient must undergo several sessions within several days.

–  Some patients  have to shave their hair in the donor area during the operation.

– This technique is also three times more expensive than the FUT method .

-One of the disadvantages that are added to hair transplantation is that there may be a loss of healthy follicles in the donor area if they are removed at the wrong angle, and here comes the largest role for the doctor who performs the operation.

Pre-operation precautions

 The patient must make sure to take a break before the operation, and should stop smoking and drinking alcohol a few days before undergoing the operation.

 The patient does not have to fast on the morning of the operation.  The necessary medical tests should be done before the operation, such as hemoglobin, sedimentation, blood thinners, and ELISA.

The hair transplantation process is carried out according to a specific plan and not randomly. The follicles that are first extracted from the donor area are first planted in the receiving area, and the  follicles that last extracted is cultivated in the final stage.

 Although the removed bulbs can remain for long periods under the influence of some conditions, they may lose their viability four or five hours after they are extracted, which can affect the outcome of the operation.

Conditions of FUE technique

  The doctor who performs the operation must have the skill and the high accuracy with the necessary equipment such as excellent lighting and zoom equipment at the highest level.

 The results of the Fox test must be positive. To know the nature of this test, it is a test that is conducted on the patient to determine whether or not he is a candidate for this technique.

 It is known that the intensity of the adhesion of the follicles to the dermis layer of the skin varies from person to person, and therefore the process of hair transplantation is only suitable for a certain group of people.

During the test, the doctor removes some grafts from the donor area, but with a limited number that does not exceed one hundred, in order to know whether the follicle extraction process is complete and safe or not.

 If the follicles are extracted completely and easily, the patient is eligible for this type of operation.  If there is difficulty, then the doctor decides to resort to the slide technique FUT .

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