Hair transplantation procedures are considered to be one of the most important and most popular cosmetic surgeries for women because of the fact that hair has a vital role in women’s lives. Hair is considered to be a more important factor for women than men.

Although it is believed by a lot of people than men are susceptible to hair loss than women, it has been said that that is not true.  This is because of the fact that women often feel an additional strain in their hair when they are styling and maintaining it. So, the cases of women hair loss are not as rare as people think as there are a lot of women who suffer from this problem.

Common Causes of Hair Loss Problems in Women

THE USE OF HAIR EXTENSIONS: There a lot of reasons why women can develop hair loss problems and one of them are the use of hair extensions. This styling product may appear to be harmless to a lot of people but it is capable of causing severe damage to the scalp and thus leading to hair loss problem in women. This is as a result of the fact that when the extensions are attached to the root of the hair, they can result in continuous traction and therefore permanently harm and disfigure the hair follicles beyond repair.

HAIR BLEACHING: Another cause of hair loss problems in women is the bleaching of hair to change its color. The bleaching products often contain chemicals that are capable of penetrating the outer cellular layer of the hair to remove its natural pigment. This will completely alter the structure if the hair and change the natural formation of the hair follicles. This makes their hair more vulnerable to damage.

Other important causes of hair loss problems in women include aging, daily stress and the use of dryers permanently. Hair loss problems in women can result in psychological issues and many of them are looking for a way to prevent this but it might not work. But the advancement of the technology industry has led to the rapid development of hair transplantation procedures. Hair transplant in Turkey has developed several new techniques to ensure that the medical procedure is done efficiently to produce the best results.

There are a lot of advantages of women hair transplant in Turkey, and one of the most common ones are the low cost of procedures as a result of the fact that there is a lot of Hair transplantation center in Turkey that can perform hair transplantation for women.

There are many techniques that can be used for women hair transplant in Turkey. Some of these techniques require haircut to get bulbs to be implanted. This is one of the reasons that a lot of women are reluctant to undergo this medical procedure. But with the rapid development of hair transplantation procedures in Turkey, there are now techniques that do not require the patient to have a haircut. This procedure can provide women with results that will make them feel normal and not feel like they have just undergone hair transplantation.


There are many techniques of hair transplantation in Turkey for women and some of the most important ones include;

This is considered to be one of the most popular techniques for women hair transplant in Turkey. This technique often involves taking a cross-section of the back of the head after being treated and then divides it into a number of small slides that contain a bulb each. The specialist performing the procedure will then draw a map of the head and find the area to transplant the hair. The specialist will now make a hole with a one-millimeter diameter in a specified area and then stitch slides.

This technique is one of the newest and most popular methods for women hair transplant in Turkey. The reason why this technique is very popular is that it does not leave any scars and there is no need to shave hair. This technique involves taking bulbs from the back of the head and implanting it in the area suffering from hair loss. The patient might not feel any improvement in the first stage of the scientific procedure, but the effects will start appearing after about six months.

This technique is considered to be one of the most important types of hair transplantation for women in Turkey. This technique involves treating hair loss problems and also strengthens hair follicles. This technique involves taking a sample of the woman’s blood and then testing and treating the plasma fluid. The plasma fluid is then injected into the areas suffering from hair loss problems. This plasma fluid stimulates the stem cells in these regions to divide and produce collagen that will result in the regeneration of the capillaries. The patient is not required t shave her hair for this procedure.

The technology involves the manufacture of hair follicles that are identical to the shape and color of the woman’s hair. After this, the follicles are cultivated and implanted in areas that are suffering from hair loss. The patient is not required t shave her hair for this procedure.

The method involves the collection of hair follicles through the use of needles and then implanting the follicles under the skin and determining the direction of hair growth. This method does not result in bleeding and does not leave scars in the head. The patient is not required t shave her hair for this procedure.

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