The latest hair transplant techniques .

 The increase in technological developments that occur every day, led to the development of new techniques for hair transplantation as well as treatments for hair loss.

 Not only for people who suffer from baldness or from weak hair, but also many people have resorted to it to obtain a distinct hairstyle, especially after hair transplantation has become a wide progression and has been accompanied by easy and guaranteed operations. So, does hair transplantation consider a safe process?  What are the latest technologies and what distinguishes each technology from other technologies?

Hair loss factors:

– Thyroid diseases.

– Medicines, some of which cause hair loss, such as cancer medication.

– Genetic factor (alopecia).

– How to style hair: Stretching strongly affects hair and causes it to fall out.

 – Unreliable cheap and poor quality cosmetics, as well as hair dyes, shampoo, and alcohol-containing materials.

 – Excessive exposure hair to high temperature  to modify its appearance with hair extension tools and others.

– Lack of vitamins needed to maintain hair and not eating a healthy, integrated lunch.

–  Aging .

Hair transplant process:

In hair transplantation, healthy hair is transplanted to the patient himself in areas of hair loss.The place where the hair is taken is an area where there is no hair loss, so the typical donor area is the sides of the head or the back of the head, and hair can also be taken from the beard or chest , donor areas contain hair follicles that are insensitive to the male hormone (DHT up) that causes hair follicles in the front and upper areas to become inactive , which leads to baldness, known as male hair loss . Non-sensitive hair follicles continue to produce hair throughout life, and lifelong hair follicles are in good condition in most people, and if they are transplanted successfully, they will continue to grow hair in the recipient area well and patients permanently restore their hair by transplanting hair as  If they had never lost it, the goal in hair transplantation is to provide the patient with a natural looking hair in a comfortable way with modern medical procedures.

Hair loss is not a special condition for men , many women also , suffer from hair loss or hair thinning problems and the transplant can be successfully performed not only on the scalp, but also for losses in other parts of the hairy body such as eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

FUT technique for hair transplant:

 FUT technique is the first technique that appeared in hair transplantation. Before using this technology in hair transplantation, the hair transplant process was not an easy thing but rather a semi-surgical procedure, but with the development in this field hair transplant has become very easier.

How to grow hair with FUT technique :

– Selection of the donor area and its anesthesia : It is chosen from an area with a high density of hair, usually under the head , and the selected area is anesthetized partially to be administered to withdraw the slide.

– Pulling the hair slice: One of the characteristics of the donor area is that it is more flexible than all parts of the scalp, and therefore when pulling a slice of it, the damage gradually decreases over time thanks to the elasticity of the skin that heals and leaves a lower longitudinal scar, and the size of the slice is estimated according to the required number of follicles  Each 1 cm square in the donor area contains approximately 200 follicles, according to that the size of the slide is determined in centimeters.

– Slice splitting: The slice is split longitudinally after the slide is pulled.

– Slide cleaning: It is cleaned of impurities stuck to it.

– Separation of follicles: At this stage, the slices are divided into small units, each unit contains two or three follicles ,  the goal of separating to smaller units is to make them do not need large channels.

– Opening ducts for transplantation: The doctor opens a set of ducts and holes in the head, with a size that fits the size of the follicles after separating them and dividing them into smaller units.

Follicular Transplantation : This is the final step in hair transplantation by the slide, in which the follicles are transported and fixed to the appropriate depth within the scalp, and this stage needs to be very accurate so that fixing it to a greater depth reduces the follicle’s ability to grow so it cannot exceed the outer skin layer, as it takes into account  the doctor installed them with growth trends to become normal after their growth .

Transplant hair with FUT  technique  takes about two hours or more, depending on the size of the slice.

The advantages of  transplant hair with FUT technique :

–   It needs less time compared to other techniques because it allows harvesting a large number of bulbs at the same time.

–  Its price is low compared to other hair transplant techniques.

– Do not cause damage to the entire head only affecting the donor area.

What are the disadvantages of hair transplantation using the slide technique ?

 FUT technique is not suitable for beard hair, mustache, and eyebrow transplants, because the holes made by the process will take a long time to heal.

The rest period after the operation is more than the other techniques.

 Leaving a mark or scar in the cropped area may not go away.

 FUT technique has become one of the old techniques due to the emergence of newer technologies with fewer side effects that leave no trace or scar on the scalp.

  We will talk about the latest technologies used in hair transplantation:

FUE hair transplant:

 The capillary roots are carried out from the dense areas of the hair to the poor areas, and the follicles are transferred one by one, and the tissue is extracted with a very sensitive machine and planted directly in the area prepared for hair transplantation.

Process steps:

 Preparing the area where the hair will be transplanted:

 Incubator channels are opened and prepared for growing follicles under local anesthesia.

 It is the longest stage of transportation and takes about 5 hours on average.

 Extracting  follicles:

 This stage takes about 3 more hours, during which the hair follicles are transplanted into the ducts, taking into account the compatibility of each follicle with the specific region in which it is transplanted.

The advantages of FUE technique :

  – The absence of any wound or scar.

 – Fast recovery and no need for a long recovery period.

–  Get the desired appearance and the ability to control the results, and get a more attractive appearance.

 – The results are satisfactory and give a natural look and the results are permanent .

– They are done with minimal surgical intervention, and do not require a long recovery period.

–  In most cases, you do not need follow-up sessions after reaching the final results.

Disadvantages of FUE technique :

 – Relatively high cost.

 – Hair loss

hair loss is a temporary matter, and it occurs for both transplanted hair and hair in other areas of the head, and occurs for 3 months, then grows back naturally.

 – Feeling itchy .

transplant hair with Choi pens

(DHI technique ):

  In this technique, hair transplantation is carried out with the help of Choi pens, where the doctor implants hair without  needing to prepare the channels . Choi pens are like writing pens, with thin, cylindrical needles.

The steps of Choi Hair Transplantation process:

 Doctor extracts the follicles from the donor areas.

 After that , the pens are fed with the follicles and more than one pen is used, so the process is done faster.

 Hair is transplanted directly into the scalp without the need to create channels.

Advantages of  DHI  Technique :

–  Excellent for women, as haircuts are not necessary in the implanted area.

– Do not hurt natural hair during thickening process.

– Its duration is short as it saves time due to opening channels and hair transplantation at the same time.

– Minimize bleeding, as the choi pen provides a wide hair follicle channel.

– The operation does not contain any incision or swivel operation.

– Speed ​​in recovery.

– Opening pores and planting at the same time and reducing the time.

– Do not leave scars .

– Drawing the front line very accurately.

– Because the damage from the process is so minimal, the healing process is very fast.

Disadvantages of DHI hair transplant :

 The cost is higher than other  transplant techniques.

 The process continues slightly slower compared to other implant techniques.

 It must be performed by a physician and an expert team because it is required Great accuracy and care .

ARTAS robot hair transplant:

  This technique is a very advanced case for hair transplantation.

  The steps used in the technique of hair transplantation using ARTAS robot are the same as the steps followed in the FUE technique, but in an automated way as the robot is the one who extracts the follicles from the donor area and then implants them in the receiving area.

Advantages of robot hair transplant :

  Generally, ARTAS robot hair transplantation enables physicians to remove hair follicles by extracting more quickly and without  effects .

  The process is very fast compared to the normal picking technology as it takes half the time.

 The robot randomly extracts the follicles so that the places where the roots were removed can be hidden by covering the hair around them.

 The recovery period after the process is very short.

The disadvantages of robot hair transplantation:

The robot is a machine programmed to do a certain thing and cannot give cosmetic results like the expert and skilled human hand gives, but in the absence of this expert hand the robot is a good option and can give acceptable results.  But no matter how accurate the machine is, it will not give the aesthetic result that human sense and taste give . Therefore, a medical team must be present alongside the robot.

Robot hair transplantation is not suitable for all patients: robot hair transplantation is not suitable for patients with blonde, red or gray hair. The hair must be dark and coarse , to help the robot to read the hair and follicles .

The robot cannot precisely define and draw the front hair line.

 The robot cannot determine the extent of the area of ​​the donor’s hair region from which the follicles will be extracted to prevent depletion of the hair reserve, as it does not have the ingenuity to go to all parts of the donor area to pick out the follicles even with its latest updates.

The robot cannot determine the size of the holes needed to pick out the follicles, which differ from one area to another from the hair donor area in the same condition or differ from state to state.

Artificial hair transplantation:

  It is a technique that works on growing artificial fibers in places of baldness, so that the artificial fibers are  close to the natural hair , it is an easy and quick option for the problem of baldness.

Features of artificial hair transplant:

 Once the planting is complete, the person can back toa normal life.

 The results are seen once the transplant has been completed.

 You do not need a donor hair follicle like natural hair transplant.

 There are no effects such as scars and wounds, as in natural hair transplantation.

  It treats cases of complete baldness.

Disadvantages of artificial hair transplantation:

 The body rejects artificial hair as it attacks it , because the hair in this case is not from the same scalp . Hair falls out after the transplant process with the practice of daily habits such as combing, as the rate of hair fall reaches 20% within a year, so you have to re-transplant hair after short periods .

 It causes scalp inflammation and thinning.

 A person cannot practice daily habits such as straightening hair, thermal hairdressers and dyes not permitted for the patient.

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