In recent times, one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is the beard intensification surgery which is also commonly known as the beard growth procedure. This procedure is one of the newest fashion trends for men in recent times. A lot of men are interested in having a strong beard and distinctive scarves. This procedure is often complementary or predetermined in the beard and mustache operations. The costs of the procedure often vary between the intensification of beard and mustache to the complete implantation of beard and mustache.

There are a lot of people who want to increase the length of their beard, but if there are some blanks, it will result in a significant imbalance in appearance. The weakness of the beard can be caused by a lot of things such as genetic causes or accidents suffered by men like burns and so on.

There was a great development in the process of beard intensification in 1930 as a result of the technologies developed in Japan. Beard intensification operations were also developed in New York City in 1950, but the success of the procedure was limited. The recent rapid advancement of technology has resulted in rapid development in the field of cosmetic surgery and this has enabled men to be able to undergo the beard growth or beard intensification procedure at very affordable costs which can vary according to the desire of the patient. In the year 1980, the beard intensification field witnessed rapid development as a result of the application of modern and accurate devices during cosmetic surgery procedures which made it more popular. After this period of time, the process of beard intensification has become popular and widely used in the world. The process of Beard intensification spread widely in the Arab world after the year 2010. And a recent study has revealed a statistic that proves that there are about 5000 to 6000 Arab men that cultivate or intensify beard and mustache every month, mostly in Turkey.

Steps Involved in the Intensification of Beard and Mustache

The process of beard and mustache intensification often involves a set of steps in order to make sure that the procedure is successful. There are many types of techniques that can be used for performing the beard and mustache intensification procedure.

The first step involved in the mustache and beard growth procedure involves the cultivation of beard. This step involves the doctors cultivating the beard that has been identified to the beard or scars of the patient. This step is important in order to make sure that the doctor chooses bulbs that match with the features of the hair in that area of the patient beard.

The next step involves putting the patient under the influence of local anesthesia and the local anesthesia is administered to the area where the doctor will remove the follicles. After this, the doctor will then start to remove the follicles individually or in groups.

The next step in the procedure involves the doctor putting the patient under the influence of local anesthesia is the area in which the beard is to be implanted. This step does not require the use of total anesthesia. After this, the doctor will then implant the beard using devices that are designed for hair transplantation. The doctor will continue to transfer the bulbs until the required results are obtained and a thick, sharp, dense and distinctive beard.


There are many types of mustache and beard growth procedures and each of these procedures are suitable for a certain situation. These types of beard growth procedures include;

COMPLETE BEARD AND MUSTACHE IMPLANTATION: This type of beard growth procedure is considered by a lot of people to be one of the most important procedures. This procedure is used to intensify the hair of the chin and to aid the growth of beard in men with lack of mustache from the base. This procedure is also used to aid beard growth in men with gaps in their chin or men that have suffered from burns that have resulted in the loss of their beard.

MUSTACHE AND BEARD INTENSIFICATION: This is the type of procedure that is performed if the patient is experiencing continuous loss of beard or if the patient has an accident that resulted in the disappearance or distortion of part of the beard.

MUSTACHE AND BEARD TREATMENT: This procedure is considered as one of the best methods of intensifying the mustache. This procedure is used to control the shape of the mustache so the shape will be as desired and requested by the patient.

This mustache and beard growth procedure is a relatively fast and safe procedure, so there are rare complications after this procedure especially if it is done by a professional doctor with proper experience and proper sterilization of equipment. However, on some rare occasions, there are complications. One of the potential complications involves the patient feeling numb or itchy and swelling may also occur in the area of the beard after the beard growth procedure, but this effect will not last long and will disappear in a maximum of about six weeks. Another complication involves the appearance of scars after the procedure. But this is no cause for worry because these scars will disappear after a short period. One of the rarest complications involves the patient beard rejecting the transplant, but this is very rare because of the fact that the implanted hair is often gotten from the patients themselves.

The beard growth procedure is a simple one and does not need a long period of time recuperation. After this procedure, the patient can return to his daily routine the next day. But the patients are required to comply with all of their doctors’ instructions. The patient is also required to avoid engaging in violent activities that can prevent the blood from reaching the cultivated bulbs. It is also advisable that the patient avoid smoking until he recovers from the procedure.