Eyebrow cultivation

Eyelashes and Eyebrows transplant are considered one of the most popular and most important cosmetic procedure that is being performed in all parts of the world, especially Turkey. This is as a result of the aesthetic role of eyebrows and eyelashes in the face. A lot of women have chosen to undergo this procedure as part of the effort to preserve the beauty of the eye area. It has been shown that women often feel less self-confident if they have some sort of problem with the eyelashes or eyebrows, and this is why they often prefer to undergo eyebrow and eyelashes transplant in Turkey. A lot of specialists believe that the traditional method of tightening and increasing eyebrows is not effective.

Eyebrows Transplant and Eyelashes Transplant in Turkey

The eyelashes transplant / eyebrows transplant in Turkey emerged after the discovery of hair transplantation, but the rapid growth in popularity of eyebrows and eyelashes transplant occurred mainly in recent times when the science emerged as a result of the tremendous development in the field of hair transplantation and the emergence of modern devices in this area.

The eyebrows transplant procedure is a simple process that involves the cultivation of new bulbs to intensify the eyebrows. Although this scientific procedure is easy and simple, it requires the skills of a skilled specialist to prevent inaccuracy of the region. This is important in order to prevent the occurrence of deformities in the eyebrow region when the procedure is finished.

There are a lot of things that can result in the need for eyebrows transplant and cultivation and they include;

  • Congenital factors can result in a lack of eyebrows or loss of eyebrows.
  • Patients might suffer from injury as a result of skin diseases like leprosy and alopecia which can result in the loss or lack of eyebrows. This problem will require you to first go for treatment and then perform eyebrow implantation and cultivation.
  • Women that suffer from injuries like wounds or burns can experience loss of eyebrows.
  • Women often experience psychological hair extraction in which they would extract their eyebrows or hair when they are feeling very stressed.
  • Genetic diseases can also result in the loss of eyebrows.

The eyebrows transplant procedure will require the specialist to follow a few steps. These steps are important for the specialist to successfully perform the eyebrow implantation. This procedure is often performed under partial anesthesia. This technique is often used to treat small scars and increase the density of the eyebrows. This procedure can be performed for the treatment of scars or for the intensification of eyebrows. The next step is to choose the shape of the eyebrow. The hair is taken for the back of the head with the excision technique and then transferred to the recipient area of the implant which is determined in advance. The last step of the procedure often involves checking the shape of the eyebrows and the location of the implantation.

One of the most important and the most popular kind of cosmetic surgery in the world, particularly Turkey is the cultivation of eyelashes. Its scientific importance is derived through the fact that the position of the eyelashes above the eyes has a significant role in the beauty of the face and women generally resort to this cosmetic procedure to make them desirable (To make the eyelashes long and dense.

Results of eyebrows transplant

After eyebrows transplant surgery

Before it was shown by the scientists that eyelashes implantation is a way that women can get long and distinctive eyelashes, the use of fake eyelashes and cosmetics are often used to contribute to the lengthening and intensification of eyelashes.

Problems with eyelashes can result in psychological problems for women, which can lead to a reduction in their self-confidence. This can often cause embarrassment in many situations. Another reason why eyelashes transplant is very important is because of the fact that eyelashes play a great role in maintaining the health of the eyes and prevent the entry of dust and debris. These are some of the reasons why the hair and beauty care industry decided to look for a great way to solve this problem and they discovered the process of eyelash cultivation. Turkey is considered one of the best countries to get eyelash transplantation. They cost of eyelash and eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is appropriate and low and the country contains the most famous specialists in the field of eyelash cultivation.

Eyelashes transplantation Turkey

Eyelashes transplant Turkey

There are many things that can result in the loss of eyelashes and some of the most important causes include;

  • The effect of the use of eye cosmetics like mascara (especially waterproof mascara) can result in the loss of eyelashes. The chemicals contained in these eye cosmetics are one of the most important causes of loss of eyelashes.
  • The use of false eyelashes can also result in the loss of eyelashes as a result of the effect of adhesives on natural eyelashes.
  • Air pollution is an atmospheric factor that can cause the loss of eyelashes as a result of the fact that storms and various weather factors often play a significant role in the weakening of eyelashes.
  • Psychological factor like depression, stress, and psychological pressure can result in the fall of eyelashes.
  • Chemotherapy is also one of the main causes of the loss of eyelashes.
  • Malnutrition and Anemia can also result in the weakening of the eyelashes and eventually its loss.
  • Various eye diseases like inflammation and sensitivity can also cause loss of eyelashes.
  • Skin diseases like alopecia are one of the most important causes of loss of eyelashes.

Various accidents like burns and surgical procedures in that area of the eye can result in the loss of eyelashes.

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