It is common practice for people to ignore the appearance of the neck, but the neck is one of the first places where the symptoms of aging in humans often start to show. Aging can result in the skin and muscles under the chin and surrounding the neck to start sagging and drooping. This can result in different kinds of skin laxity, fat excess, and muscle weakness. The loose skin can end up causing a reduction in the prominence of the chin and make the person develop a double chin or the notorious “Turkey Neck” that is often commonly found in older adults. The neck is one of the main areas of the body that experiences sagging and this can result in I drooping of the chin or other parts of the neck. Another thing that can result in sagging skin in the neck area is when large amounts of weight are lost. Other factors that can cause sagging in the neck area include uncontrollable factors like genetics which can have a negative impact on the overall appearance if the neck and cause sagging neck skin, development of pockets of subcutaneous fat or bands that divide the neck into unpleasant horizontal sections.

When these changes start to appear, one of the best way to restore the appearance of a smooth, youthful-looking neck contour is cosmetic enhancement through the neck lift surgery. The neck lifts surgical procedure can be used to restore the effects of gravity, smoking, gravity, hereditary or smoking by tightening the loose neck muscle and removing excess fat and skin from the neck region (this is used to make a person look thinner and younger to enhance their general appearance). It is also common practice for patients that are undergoing the neck lift surgery to also decide to undergo it in combination with various kinds of facial rejuvenation procedure like the eyelid surgery, brow lift surgery or another cosmetic treatment for a greater aesthetic experience.

Before the Neck Lift Surgery

Even though the neck lift procedure is a relatively safe procedure, it is still a major surgery that involves entry into the body by making surgical incisions in a part of the body. This is why it is very important for patients to make certain changes to their daily routine in the weeks prior to undergoing the surgery. The patients are advised to avoid drinking alcohol, foods with excessive fat or sugar content and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen and aspirin. It is also best that the patient avoid smoking for a few weeks prior to undergoing the surgery because the ingestion of tobacco can affect the healing process.


The neck lifts surgical procedure is often considered to be one of the most transformative cosmetic surgeries in Turkey and in the world. This procedure is often used to remove excess fat and skin deposits from the neck region. The surgery is also used to restructure the underlying muscle in order to dramatically rejuvenate the patient’s younger appearance.

neck lift result

Before and After Neck-Lift Surgery

The neck lift procedure is often considered as one of the safest and most reliable forms of plastic surgery in Turkey and the rest of the world. Over the past decade, the rapid advancement in the field of technology has resulted in the development of the neck lift surgical procedure. The procedure can now be performed by making minimal incisions and scarring while producing amazing and natural looking results.

The neck lift surgery is a relatively easy procedure that will take about two to three hours. The first step involved in this surgery is putting the patient under the influence of anesthesia. However, the type of anesthesia used at the start of the procedure depends mainly on the preferences of the patient and the doctor in charge. A lot of patients are only given local anesthesia combined with a sedative, however, some patients might decide to be unconscious during the procedure and choose the general anesthesia.

The aim of the procedure often varies depending on the needs, goals, and requirement of each patient. Some of the patients might decide to undergo the procedure to remove excess deposits of fat in the neck via a liposuction technique while other patients might require the removal of excess skin and fat while also tightening and restructuring the underlying muscles.

The next step involved in the neck lift surgery is the creation of surgical incisions either behind the ears or under the chin. After this, the excess fat and skin are then removed through surgical excision or liposuction process. This procedure can also be used to tighten slack muscles in the neck and also remove a small section of the platysma muscle in the neck. This step often involves the underlying tissues. And once this step is finished, the surgical incision will be closed with sutures.

The optimal results of this procedure can be observed after about six months of the procedure.


The recuperation period often required for this procedure is about one to two weeks and after that, the patient can then return to their daily routine. The patient will also have to take prescription pain medications in order to control any pain and discomfort they might feel. It is also best that the patient wear comfortable and loose-fitting shirts or blouses that can be buttoned up the front because pulling the clothes over the head can affect the healing process.

The patient is also required to carefully avoid activities involving too much physical stress for about one to two months after the surgical procedure.


It is possible for the patient to experience certain side effects for a period of time after the procedure but these effects will disappear over time. The common side effects include bruising, swelling, discomfort and pain in the neck area.